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Play Movies & TV v3.28 relocates movie trailers and adds language information to TV shows [APK Teardown]

After Google's event finished yesterday, a stream of app updates began rolling out. Among them, Play Movies and TV saw a relatively simple update, but it has a couple of changes that are worth pointing out. The thumbnails for movie trailers are gone, but you can still watch them by tapping on the cover art. Also, TV shows now include the language of captions and audio tracks. A teardown also shows there may be something happening with Disney Movies Anywhere.

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Play Movies & TV v3.19 adds notifications for expiring rewards, prepares for 4K content, a channel for trailers, and TV show recommendations [APK Teardown + Download]

A pair of fresh updates of the Play Movies & TV app rolled out to both Android TV and regular devices yesterday. Like many other recent updates, there's not a lot of new functionality to see on the surface, particularly for the Android TV version. Phones and tablets gained a new toggle to control notifications about expiring rewards, but that's about it. However, a teardown shows a few improvements scheduled for future updates, including 4K support, a special channel for watching trailers, and recommendations for similar TV shows. Read on for details or skip to the bottom for download links.

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Trailer For NaturalMotion's Upcoming 'Dawn of Titans' Shows Off Impressive Graphics, Sword-Wielding Giants

Zynga acquired NaturalMotionGames about a year ago for over half a billion dollars, and now the maker of titles like CSR Racing and Backbreaker Football has released the trailer for its first post-Zynga project. The game is called Dawn of Titans, and it's a big departure from the games NaturalMotion has been making thus far. In Dawn of Titans you control armies led by giant warriors as they do battle with other players. The developer promises fluid performance and quick gameplay that makes sense on a mobile device.

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First Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance Trailer Is Out, Looks Like Plants Vs. Zombies With Space Marines

There was a lot of excitement when Eutechnyx announced it was developing a new Warhammer 40k game late last year. The Warhammer fan base might not be very deep, but it's fanatically devoted. With that in mind, the response to this trailer is understandably negative. It looks less like the combat strategy games usually associated with Warhammer, and more like Plants vs. Zombies.

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