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Nexon reveals 'Marvel Battle Lines' trailer at San Diego Comic-Con

In Disney's seemingly infinite pursuit to monetize its Marvel license on mobile, we have seen an ever-growing rise of free-to-play Marvel-based collection games hitting our digital shelves. Contest of ChampionsFuture FightAvengers AcademyStrike Force, and Puzzle Quest are your primary collection-based options to choose from, and hey, why wouldn't Marvel want to add one more to the growing pile? Yesterday Nexon and Marvel Entertainment debuted the first gameplay trailer for Marvel Battle Lines at San Diego Comic-Con, and guess what, it too is a collection game. What a surprise.

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Samsung releases four new Galaxy S9 teaser videos focusing on its 'reimagined' camera

As we approach the February 25th launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9, it's become apparent that the USP for the Korean company's latest flagship will be its "reimagined" camera(s). Perhaps that's because there's little else to focus on in an iterative update with few outward-facing improvements that the marketing department can really do anything with. There is a chance, however, that there will be some truly exciting enhancements that could see the camera on new devices compete with the Pixels and iPhones of this world.

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Deus Ex GO Will Give Square-Enix's Mobile Board Games A Sci-Fi Makeover Later This Year

E3, the biggest video game trade show on the planet, is ramping up next week. Most of the news will only be relevant for PC and console gamers, but a few of the mega-publishers will be announcing mobile fare too, and Square-Enix is getting ahead of the pack. Along with a new primary entry in its futuristic post-human action series Deus Ex, the publisher has announced Deus Ex GO, a mobile game with similar elements to the existing Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO titles. It'll be available on phones and tablets "this summer" according to the reveal trailer.

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[Update: It's Out] Episode Three Of TellTale's Game Of Thrones Adventure Series Lands On Android On Thursday, March 26th

Confession: I still haven't played part two of TellTale's episodic Game of Thrones series. For all I know, King Joffrey has arrested all of our heroes and sentenced them to death by rabid weasel (it seems like his kind of corporal punishment). I'd better get to the weasels - if weasels there be - before Thursday of this week when Episode Three, "The Sword in the Darkness," comes out on Android.

Like other TellTale adventure games, Game of Thrones runs parallel to the HBO series, but tells its own distinct stories.

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[Bonus Round] Tipsoccer, Amazing Ninja, And Jungle Moose

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got an intentionally farcical football game, a strangely addictive ninja slasher, and a game about a moose that lives in the jungle. Without further ado:



Here at Android Police, we're nearly all Americans.

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LG's Over-The-Top G Watch R Promo Stars A Luxury Car-Driving, Mountain Biking, Wildlife-Stalking Secret Agent

We've seen some ridiculous product trailers before, but this one takes things to another level. In this video, LG isn't trying to sell the G Watch R to the busy student, tired mom, stressed business man, or hip vague twenty-something in transit through someplace crowded. Instead, it sets its sights square on those among us who still dream of being a secret agent. It's an interesting demographic to go after, considering the people who dream of living such a life tend to stop by the time they're old enough to actually afford a smartwatch.

LG really knows how to make 'em. Everyone, get ready to sit through a briefing, hop into a sports car, ride through the middle of nowhere, climb a mountain, and take a shot of the biggest buck you've ever seen - all while relying on Wear navigation, notifications, and various watchfaces.

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Samsung's Sizzle Reels For The Galaxy Note 4 And Gear S Show Off All The Cool TouchWiz Stuff You'll Ignore

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is here, and considering the company's absolutely dominant position in the "phablet" marketplace, it's likely to become one of the best-selling Android phones over the next year. That being the case, why not take a gander at Samsung's introductory video for its new flagship? The official introduction, or gadget porn if you will, is below.

Note 4

As usual with Samsung's "trailers," the actual hardware isn't really the focus. The video does highlight the new metal frame, which some users have been waiting for years to see, and the basic specs get a quick look at the beginning.

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Valar MorGoogleis: Norwegian Java Conference Chronicles The Google-Oracle War In An Epic 'Game Of Codes' Trailer

If you're a Norwegian Android developer, you might want to consider attending JavaZone, an independent Java programming and development conference being held in Oslo from September 9th through the 11th. If you're not, you can still enjoy this parody trailer for the event posted to the group's YouTube page. If you're at work or in public, heads up: the video below has some mild swearing.

To get all the in-jokes here you'd probably need a programming undergrad degree, a passing knowledge of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones novels or the HBO TV show, and an awareness of the litigious copyright and patent lawsuits spiraling around the technology industry.

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Asus Teases Its Upcoming Squircular Android Wear 'ZenWatch' In Brief IFA Trailer

IFA will take place early next month in Berlin, and a number of companies are tripping over themselves to drum up hype for their upcoming Android Wear devices. LG has teased the G Watch R, a round evolution of its first attempt from earlier this summer, a few times now. For its part, Asus also wants consumers to know that it has something on the way. Yet this competitor doesn't appear to have something circular on its mind. Nor does it appear to be entirely square. The recently released trailer doesn't reveal much, but what's there appears to be something in between.

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LG Teases The Upcoming G3 On Video, Can't Resist Adding Inception BWAAAAAs

I'll wager that you haven't been to an action movie in the last two years without a trailer blaring great farting blasts of brass at you over quick cuts and helicopter shots. If it works for Hollywood, perhaps LG hopes it will work for Seoul. The company is teasing its upcoming G3 flagship in no uncertain way with a new teaser, no doubt intended to whet the appetites of gadget hounds before the press event on May 27th.

The video features fleeting glances of the phone's design, hints of a metal case, LG's rear-mounted power and volume buttons, a camera with optical image stabilization, and of course, the BWAAAAA noise from Inception.

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