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Two years on, Pokémon GO finally gets trading, ways to interact with friends in-game

When Pokémon GO first launched almost two years ago, people downloaded the game in droves. It was arguably the first game whose gameplay relied heavily on interacting with the real world, enabling players to explore new places and capturing Pokémon through an AR lens. However, for all its emphasis on getting players off the couch and exploring the world together, Pokémon GO never truly supported any way for players to interact with one another — no kind of in-game chat exists, and trading, one of the most central parts in the original game series, has never received more that a passing hint or mention from Niantic.

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Trading RPG 'Merchants Of Kaidan' Costs $5.99, But It Might Just Make You Rich

Merchants of Kaidan is a game of buying and selling. If there's action—say you lose a finger in a bet, or a winged beast is pursuing your ship—it's only part of the inherent risk in bringing goods to market. People out there have money to spend, and you can't be timid if you want your share of it.

That's the sense of purpose that guides players through Merchants of Kaidan, a trading game with RPG elements that may get some players thinking back to Sid Meier's Pirates!, only with merchants and less combat (along with noticeably fewer eye patches). The challenge here is from acquiring goods without getting robbed, buying low, and selling high.

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Get Your Trade On With E*TRADE Mobile Pro And Fidelity Investments For Android

E*TRADE Financial and Fidelity Investments have finally made their mobile applications available to Android users. Up until now, both programs have been compatible exclusively with iOS and Blackberry OS. Although I'm not much of a stock trader myself, these apps are big wins for enterprise customers who use Android devices. Both are very slick and easy to use. I should also mention that both of them have very quick load times.

Fidelity Investments

Features include:

  • The ability to get free real-time quotes, news & charts
  • Conduct market research
  • Check the market and monitor your savings account
  • Securely buy, sell, and place orders with just a few taps    
  • Get breaking market news

E*Trade Mobile Pro

Features include:

  • The ability to get free real-time quotes, charts, and market commentary
  • Conduct market research
  • Have an experience completely integrated with your online account
  • Securely buy, sell, and place orders
  • Get breaking market news

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If you have an E*TRADE or Fidelity Investments account, you are definitely going to want to check these apps out.

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