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Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra: Best deals, pricing, trade-in values, and availability

Samsung's newest Note phones are here, and they're very, very expensive. These phones sport Samsung's latest displays, improved S Pens, and all the 5G you can handle. If you're dead-set on picking up the new Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra, you've got several options. Samsung has the unlocked phone, of course, but you can also buy the phone from your carrier of choice. We've got all the details right here. Most pre-order deals are over now, and it'll probably be a few more weeks at least before there are new discounts.

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Google clarifies that Canadian Pixel 4a buyers who opted for a trade-in won't be left without a phone

The Pixel 4a is undoubtedly an incredible value on the smartphone market right now, but its weakest point is still its maker — Google. The search giant has messed up the logistics so often in its relatively short existence in the smartphone space that we’ve frankly lost count. The brand-new Pixel 4a couldn’t avoid the inevitable either, but Google’s latest snafu sounds fresh; hear me out. The company is asking its Canadian customers to ship back their existing phones more than a week before the Pixel 4a is expected to reach them.

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How to get the most money when selling your old smartphone online

Phones are only getting pricier as the years go on, so selling your old handset is one of the best ways you can recoup the increasing cost of upgrading. And unless your phone is absolutely ancient, there's a good chance it's worth going through the trouble of selling it. And best of all, it's something you can feel at least kind of good about, because you'll be giving your old phone a second life with someone else (or having it e-recycled), and that's a lot better than having it slowly rot in a landfill for decades.

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Samsung tweaks Galaxy S20 trade-in offers, starts paying more for older and damaged phones

At the start of April, Samsung introduced a buyback program for its Galaxy S20 phones to encourage people to 'rent' a phone for 2 years at half the retail price. Now, the company is making another bid to attract upgrades by adjusting its top trade-in valuations for Apple, Google, and its own phones. The main takeaway for direct buyers? If you're giving up an older iPhone or Galaxy, you're likely getting a better deal.

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Sonos backtracks on controversial speaker-bricking trade-in program

Sonos is backtracking on its contentious new trade-in program, which effectively bricked devices that were flipped into a "recycle mode" for a trade-in discount. Instead of ensuring all its old speakers end up in the garbage, the company is switching to a serial number-based validation system to snag a discount, and you can even hang onto your old, outdated speaker.

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Samsung's crazy trade-in deals are back for the Galaxy S20, save up to $700

There are two things Samsung is known for when it comes to trading in phones for its latest flagships: You can run into some serious issues, but Samsung gives insane values in the name of making a sale. This trend looks set to hold true for the Galaxy S20, as well, with Samsung offering up to $700 on trade-ins, including $600 for dissatisfied Pixel 4 owners, and $300 for both the Pixel 3 and 3a series. That can get you a Galaxy S20 for as little as $300.

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Google is fleecing previous Pixel owners on trade-ins

Trade-in offers aren't always the best value, though sometimes companies are willing to subsidize the discount you get just to put you in their ecosystem or reward you for sticking around. Based on the trade-in values that Google is offering for previous Pixels, though, it seems the company couldn't care less about brand loyalty. Right now, a mint condition 128GB Pixel 3 XL gets you just $295 in value toward a Pixel 4 pre-order. For folks that paid $1,000 last year, that stings.

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Microsoft Store trade-in deal offers up to $650 towards Galaxy Note10 purchase

Samsung's trade-in programs are usually pretty appealing, but they're not the most reliable in terms of paying out. If you've been looking to get some decent money out of your new phone, Microsoft Stores are currently handing out up to $650 with in-person trade-ins towards the purchase of a Note10 or Note10+.

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[Update: Value adjustment] Samsung will give you up to $600 on trade-in for a Pixel 3, iPhone X, Note9, or Galaxy S10 if you buy a Galaxy Note10

Samsung's reservation page for the "next generation of Galaxy" (i.e., the Galaxy Note10) just went live, and with it comes a table of trade-in values. Parties interested in swapping their old phone for Samsung's upcoming hardware can get up to $600 in value if they send in a Galaxy S10-series phone, iPhone X variant, or Pixel 3. Note that at the time of writing, that's full credit for a Pixel 3's as-new price.

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You can save big on the OnePlus 7 Pro when you trade in your old phone

In case you've missed the flood of news this afternoon, the OnePlus 7 Pro is finally official (and officially great). Orders at OnePlus's website start May 17, but beginning today, you can initiate the process of trading in your current phone for the new hotness, and save yourself up to $290 in doing so.

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