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Re-ordering tracks in your Spotify playlists is now possible on Android

I have a long list of small complaints about Spotify and, until today, one of them was the lack of an option to re-order tracks in the playlists that I've created. I could re-arrange my playing queue after choosing a playlist, or go to the desktop or web player to edit that playlist, but on my Android phone, the "custom" sorting order wasn't modifiable. Now, it appears the function is rolling out.

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Spotify's Android app will get track reordering... at some point

Spotify is (probably) the most well-known music streaming service, but it isn't without its foibles. Up until earlier this year, it was a common complaint that free users couldn't actually directly select songs to play, and the A/B UI tests are almost Google-level frustrating. By far my biggest personal issue has been the inability to reshuffle tracks in a playlist from the Android app—a very basic feature that even Play Music has. Thankfully, that particular annoyance is now set to be fixed in a future update.

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DJ Space Gets All Carl Sagan On Us, Lets You Create Music By Arranging Planets And Flying Through Space

Professional musicians, you are free to sit this one out. DJ space is probably not going to fill your needs. Unless you need to play god, turning the planets themselves into musical instruments as you conduct a cosmic electronic orchestra with naught but your fingertips. If that's something you've needed, then yes DJ space will serve your purposes quite nicely.

FL Studio this is not, however as the saying goes, "If you want to mix sweet tracks from scratch, you must first invent the universe." The app functions very similarly to Garage Band in that you select from pre-recorded loops of music and assemble them into tracks.

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Google Finally Brings Scan And Match To Play Music, Doesn't Require Uploading Your Whole Friggin' Library Anymore

While Google's been working feverishly to build out its Play Store, bringing it to other countries and expanding its offerings, the company's music store has been lacking one crucial feature that its competitors have: library matching. Where Amazon and iTunes can scan your current collection and add the songs to your online storage, Google has, until recently, required users to upload every individual track manually. A long and tedious process. In mid-November, the scan and match feature came out for Europe, and today it arrives for US residents.

Where Google differs from Amazon and iTunes, however, is that this scanning and matching service will be entirely free.

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Spotify App Update Now Adds NFC Sharing Ability, Equalizer For Users Running ICS And Up

Today, Spotify's Android app received an update that should please audiophiles the world over (where available): if you're using the mobile app on Ice Cream Sandwich or above, you can now access an equalizer from the Settings menu. The features is actually called "Audio Effects" in 4.0, but on Jelly Bean it's been changed to the more readily-recognizable "Equalizer" moniker.

2012-09-05 12.42.54 2012-09-05 12.42.44

Also new is the ability to share music via NFC. Assuming you and a friend have NFC-enabled devices and both subscribe to Spotify, you can share tracks by tapping your devices together. Handy! Other improvements include a better offline mode bar and a bunch of bug fixes.

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