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Midweek deals: Discounted smartwatches, Pixel Buds, Fire tablet 3-packs, and more

At Android Police, we keep an eye out for great deals on tech goodies so we can let you know when the time to buy is right. But there are a lot of deals out there; too many to highlight each in its own story. With that in mind, here are some bargains you may have missed over the past few days.

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Get two TP-Link smart bulbs for $25 with coupon code at Office Depot

If you're looking for inexpensive smart lighting for your home, this buy-one-get-one-free offer from Office Depot for TP-Link A19 smart bulbs might be just the thing. The bulbs can't change color, but they are dimmable and — most importantly — it'll only cost you $25 to get two with this coupon code.

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Grab a pair of TP-Link 3-way smart light switches for $45 ($15 off)

Sure, you've been reading about smart home stuff. Think maybe it's time to jump in, adopting (well, almost literally) a laissez-faire approach to lighting controls? This could be your chance, at minimal cost and with no fancy electrical wiring required.

This TP-Link kit contains a pair of 3-way wall switches that you can control manually — the relatives will like that — or remotely. TP-Link says they work with any device using Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, or some 3rd-party home platforms (e.g.: IFTTT, Nest).

[We pause, here, to note the absence of Apple's HomeKit.]

TP-Link switches get mostly happy reviews on Amazon, with this kit averaging 4.2 stars.

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Grab a pair of TP-Link smart light bulbs for just $30 ($16 off)

Philips Hue is the first name in smart lighting as far as a lot of consumers are concerned, but TP-Link quietly makes several quality smart home options, including smart light bulbs. The LB120 bulb is already reasonably priced, going for between $23 and $30 apiece, depending on the retailer, and it's currently even cheaper at B&H. You can grab a two-pack for just $30.

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TP-Link's KASA Smart Power Strip is $54.99 ($25 off) at B&H Photo

Last month, we reviewed TP-Link's new Kasa Smart Power Strip. Put simply, it is six individually-addressable smart outlets in one compact package. If the original price of $80 was too much for you, it has now dropped to $55 at B&H Photo.

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TP-Link's versatile HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are 2 for $20 ($30 off) at B&H, but only for today

Wi-Fi-connected plugs can add smarts to just about any dumb appliance. Air conditioning window units, space heaters, lamps; anything that has a switch and plugs into the wall. They're generally an affordable way to dip a toe in the smart home water, and this deal makes them even more so: today only, you can snag a two-pack of TP-Link's HS100 smart plugs for just 20 bucks at B&H.

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Kasa Smart Power Strip review: Six smart outlets in one package

Internet-connected outlets are among the most common smart home devices, partially because they are typically cheap (~$30-50), and partially because they are so versatile. Do you constantly leave the TV or computer on after you leave home? Do you hate using Hue bulbs? Use a smart outlet.

The vast majority of smart plugs only have one outlet. If you need multiple internet-connected plugs in the same place, TP-Link has just the product for you. The new Kasa Power Strip has six individually-addressable smart outlets, complete with energy monitoring and scheduling features. Each plug can be controlled using the Kasa app, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

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TP-Link announces Kasa smart power strip with 6 independently controlled plugs

There are plenty of options for turning your regular AC outlet into a smart plug, and you might even be able to turn it into two smart outlets with the right solution. The latest smart plug from TP-Link's Kasa brand is much bigger. The HS300 power strip offers six smart outlets, all controlled via the Kasa app or your favorite voice assistant.

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TP-Link announces new Kasa Outdoor Camera and dual-outlet smart plug

TP-Link isn't just making routers anymore. It has branched out into smart plugs, cameras, and more routers. The company is preparing to roll out two Kasa-branded new products in the coming weeks: an outdoor security camera and a smart plug with two outlets. As with all other Kasa devices, these have full integration with Google Assistant.

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TP-Link announces Deco M9 Plus mesh router with built-in smart home hub

Single routers are so 2014. Now, everyone is making mesh router systems that blanket your home in the warm glow of wireless connectivity. The new TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh router (not to be confused with the old non-Plus version) connects your computers, smartphones, and other devices to the internet like other routers, but there's more. The Deco M9 Plus also contains a smart home hub for controlling IoT devices.

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