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Lexus brings Android Auto to its cars, following Toyota's footsteps

Back in February, Toyota announced it was finally working on adding Android Auto support in its vehicles. Given it's one of the largest car manufacturers worldwide, it's very surprising it was so late in making the move, but the Japanese company seems to be serious in its commitment to Android Auto, as its luxury division's cars will also support it.

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The 2020 Toyota Highlander comes with Android Auto standard


Toyota is finally adding Android Auto support, starting with its trucks and SUVs

Yes, it's finally happening — Toyota is putting Android Auto in its vehicles. For the longest time, it was one of the two major holdouts (we're still looking at you, BMW), but the Japanese car manufacturer announced today at the Chicago Auto Show that Android Auto is coming, starting with six models.

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Toyota reportedly agrees to support Android Auto

Toyota is one of the few car major manufacturers that have refused to add support for Android Auto, along with BMW, MINI, and Lexus. However, that might finally be changing. According to Bloomberg, Toyota has reached an agreement with Google that may be officially announced as soon as October.

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Sigh: Announcement Suggests Toyota Will Probably Not Use Android Auto In 2016 Model Year Vehicles

Toyota is at this point already known as something of an opponent to Android Auto, and a new press release today seems to confirm that the company's commitment to not using Google or Apple's connected car systems is ongoing. Additionally, multiple websites have confirmed with Telenav and Toyota that this is essentially seen as an "alternative" to the Auto/CarPlay approach.

A partnership with a company called Telenav will allow Toyota owners to connect their smartphones to their vehicle in order to project a third-party navigation app onto their... I'm sorry, what were we talking about? I've never felt myself losing interest in something so quickly.

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