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The 5 best password managers for Android

Our accounts hold invaluable information about us — about our work, our finances, and our social lives. Keeping that information safe from prying eyes is paramount, and to do that, we need solid passwords. Assuming you're a typical person living in the modern age, you probably have accounts and passwords for about a million websites and services, and it can be hard to keep them all straight. Password managers take the onus of remembering dozens and dozens of (hopefully) unique strings of characters off our stupid brains, and once you've used one, it's hard to imagine going without. If you're still shopping around for a password manager to call your very own, here are five solid options.

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Nokia placed fifth in European smartphone shipments in Q1 2018

Nokia-branded devices accounted for 3.5 percent of European smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2018, according to industry analysis firm Canalys. That puts Nokia in fifth place with 1.6 million devices shipped. This is despite an overall decline of 6.3 percent in smartphone shipments during the same period.

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Roundup: Our Top Five Favorite New Apps From June 2013

Looking for some new apps but don't have time to go through our longer roundups from the past month? No worries, we're back with a whole month's worth of apps boiled down into five picks guaranteed to improve your catalog. Not all the great apps of the month could fit on our list, so we'll follow up with some honorable mentions. Without further ado, let's get started.

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DialApp is a dialer replacement that retains some semblance of its stock counterpart, while seeking to drastically improve performance by guessing who you want to call, and making your call log infinitely smarter.

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Roundup: Our Top Five Picks For Best New Game From June 2013

It is once again time to discuss our favorite games from the past month. As usual, plenty of great games popped up in the Play Store last month, but we'll just be taking a look at five, with a list of honorable mentions to follow.

From action to explosive cartoon cats, there's something in the list that should satisfy just about every type of gamer. If you're looking for some new games to keep you busy this weekend, you'll find them here.

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[Game Roundup] Here Are Our Six Picks For Best New Game From September 2012

It's that time again – the time of the month when we give you our short list of the best new games from the previous month. This time, we've sifted through all the great Play Store entries from September to give you our top six favorite new games, all of which are worth at least checking out, at most becoming completely addicted to.

Bad Piggies

We couldn't pass up Bad Piggies. Rovio's latest entry into the Play Store, which builds on the wild success of Angry Birds, puts the pigs everyone loves to hate in the spotlight with the "Piggest Game Ever."

In Bad Piggies, players will build flying, rolling, or floating contraptions to safely transport pigs through environments that are fiendishly hard to master, aiming to collect three stars per level like always, but through increasingly unique and customizable means.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Five Favorite New Apps To Check Out From September 2012

We've rounded up a lot of apps over the past month. September, like most months, saw the release of a ton of new apps to the Play Store, many of which are worth your attention. Of course, most of us don't quite have enough time or patience to install and try out hundreds of apps every month, so we bring you our top five picks for best new app – a short list of newly released apps that every user should try out. If you've been looking for the next awesome tool to add to your device, this list is for you.

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