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LG TONE Studio review: A novel combination of earbuds and speakers, but kind of a useless one

As far as headphones go, LG's TONE Bluetooth headsets look pretty strange. They don't really follow the standard in-ear or over-ear design, instead opting for a battery base that sits around your neck. However, they're still surprisingly popular; I see people wearing these a lot more often than I'd expect. LG's done something right here.

The new LG TONE Studio (HBS-W120) puts a spin on the TONE line by introducing a second method to listen: speakers. That's right - within this base are four speakers that aim to create a "personal sound experience" (LG's words, not mine). In theory, this sounds like an interesting idea - listen with the earbuds in quiet areas, and rock out with the speakers at home or while you're outside.

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[Deal Alert] LG's Tone Studio 'personal speaker' headphones are just $157 at Amazon ($73 off)

You've probably seen people wearing LG Tones while out and about, but the fairly new Tone Studios bring an interesting twist. They still rest on your neck, they're still powered by Bluetooth, and the earphones still come out with wires, but they also have built-in speakers. And now, you can get them for just $156.93 at Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] LG's weird new Tone Studio headphones are already on sale for $200 at various retailers ($30 off)

LG's new Tone Studio headphones are a little awkward. They follow the same design as the company's well-loved neckband Bluetooth earphones, but they add a speaker in case you want to envelop yourself in music without actually stuffing something into your ear. I can understand the use case for those who are constantly mobile in a certain environment, say while they move from home to car to office or while they clean different rooms of the house, and who don't want to bother with connecting and disconnecting from multiple speakers and headsets. That doesn't make the idea any less awkward though.

The Tone Studios went on sale at the end of March for $229.99, but they're already down $30 to $199.99.

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