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Fenix Returns To The Play Store After Developer And Twitter Apparently Reach Agreement To Allow More Users

Fenix disappeared from the Play Store on Monday. You've heard the story before. Popular Twitter client reaches 100,000 users and goes away. If you aren't familiar with the song and dance, here's how it went down this time around.

Except, it turns out, there's a happy ending.

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Now That Twitter Has Murdered Fenix, Finch Is A Decent (And Free) Alternative Third-Party Client For Android

So, Twitter. Hi. It's been a while. Are you people still completely screwing both the developers and the users that helped to make your platform a household name? Yeah? I kind of thought you'd get your heads out of your asses at this point, but I guess not. Since your stupid, stupid, stupid policies have killed yet another quality Twitter app for Android, ostensibly so you can continue to push your entirely mediocre first-party solution, it's time for us to look for another one.

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Fenix Pulled From Play Store After Hitting Twitter's Dumb Token Limit

Twitter instituted the API token limit way back in 2012. Since then, a number of high-profile apps have maxed out at 100,000 users and been retired. The latest app to become a victim of its own success is Fenix. It ran out of tokens yesterday and now it's gone from the Play Store. It took almost exactly two years.

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Twitter Client Talon (Classic) Reaches Its Token Limit, Unpublished From Play Store And Going Open Source

The latest Twitter client to fall victim to Twitter's token limits is the classic version of Talon, which is rather fitting seeing as the new Android 5.0 version of Talon was just released this weekend. In response, the developer has pulled the app from the Play Store so no one else will buy the app and be unable to use it. Maybe now the reasoning for the separate Talon Plus version is starting to make more sense.

14 - 1

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Falcon Pro Updates To v2.0.4 Outside Of The Play Store, Now Supports A Way To Blatantly Skirt Twitter's Token Limit

Falcon Pro users have had a front-row seat to quite a bit of drama over the last few months. The events started when the app struck its 100,000 user token limit, which lead to the developer to reset user tokens in an effort to reallocate them to active users. Eventually, all of the tokens were consumed again, in part to the addition of multi-account support, and another "reset" was announced. It turns out that the plan was to quietly spread some people to a brand new API key. Unfortunately, Twitter blocked most users from signing in with the new key, and Joaquim Verge, the developer of Falcon Pro, pulled it from the Play Store until a better solution could be found.

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PSA: Twitter Has Probably Revoked Falcon Pro's API Keys After Second Reset, Developer Removes App From Play Store [Update]

We all knew it couldn't go on forever. After resetting API tokens for a second time, Falcon Pro has apparently earned the ire of Twitter. According to developer Joaquim Vergès, Twitter seems to have shut the application down. And just after it got that spiffy new icon!

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Falcon Pro Updated To Version 1.7 With Customizable Widgets And Tweet Translation

Yes, Falcon Pro is still kicking after temporarily running out of Twitter auth tokens last month. The developer has just updated the app with a feature he promised in the wake of tokengate: widgets. There are a few other changes, but man.. look at how widget-y those widgets are!

2013-03-12 18.00.35 2013-03-12 18.02.10 2013-03-12 18.01.07

Falcon Pro was previously dependent on the Falcon widget for home screen interaction. That setup gets the job done, but requires two process to be running and updating the feed simultaneously. These new Falcon Pro components also feel much more responsive than the Falcon widget. The Falcon Pro widgets come as a scrollable feed or a quick actions bar.

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Falcon Pro Dev Resets Tokens To Free Up Space For New Users – App Back On Sale At More Reasonable Price

The ongoing saga of Falcon Pro and the great Twitter token shortage of 2013 has taken yet another turn. No, Twitter hasn't stopped being a jerk-face. Developer Joaquim Vergès has reset all the tokens for Falcon Pro in an effort to free up unused ones. This should (temporarily) solve the problem of new users being locked out.

2013-02-27 19.03.50 unnamed

This means that when users download the new update, they're going to be forced to log back in to Twitter. Because there are actually fewer than 100,000 active users, there should be enough access tokens to go around. Popular wisdom states that it was returns, former users, and pirates that were soaking up a large chunk of the tokens.

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[Editorial] Virtual Game Tokens For Android Games Exist, And They're Even More Evil Than DLC

To say that DLC is a growing problem would be an understatement. Of the last five games I've reviewed for this site, all of them have had some form of in-app purchases to expand the game or unlock content. Sometimes it's awful, sometimes it's not so bad, but all of them guarantee you only get most of a game. A new service called Pocket Change, however, wants to let game developers charge on a per-play basis. This is beyond scummy.

Going From Bad...

Back before DLC became a common term amongst gamers, we still paid for extra content. Whether we called them "expansion packs", "map packs", or "Pokemon Every Color Of The Friggin' Rainbow", we would pay money for new content to extend games we enjoyed.

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