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YouTube Music adds toggle to seamlessly switch between music videos and music during playback

It was inevitable that Google's music streaming service would be video-focused once placed in the hands of YouTube, but plenty of folks interested in music have zero interest in watching the associated video. Thankfully for them, The YouTube Music app now lets you seamlessly switch between music videos and plain 'ol music with a single toggle, and you can even disable videos entirely by default.

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Bluetooth section and NFC toggle in Android P DP4 moved to 'Connection preferences' settings submenu

One of the more minor additions to the previous Android P DP3 release was a series of Bluetooth changes, including an aptly descriptive "Previously connected devices" section and a reorganization for the Bluetooth toggle into its own Bluetooth section. Now DP4 has further reorganized both that Bluetooth subsection and the NFC toggle into the "Connection preferences" subsection.

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Android P DP3 brings the home screen rotation toggle back

When Android P DP2 debuted, we posted about a new rotation icon that showed up when the phone is rotated with auto-rotate off, but neglected to mention that the 'Allow Home screen rotation' toggle in the Pixel Launcher had disappeared. If you were confused by that, you'll be pleased to know that DP3 has brought that toggle back.

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Android P has a camera laser sensor toggle in developer options

Quite a lot of phones these days use a laser to get an idea of depth for focusing purposes, rather than only relying on phase or contrast detection. That includes the Pixels, which hide theirs beneath the trademark top rear glass window. Well, Android P introduces a toggle to enable or disable that laser, if you need it.

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[Update: Not all devices] Android 8.1 feature spotlight: The sRGB toggle has been removed entirely from Developer options

Calibrated color has been a hot topic recently for both Android and the Pixel 2 phones, and the Android 8.1 developer previews indicate more changes on the horizon. As of the current preview images, the "Picture color mode" sRGB toggle in Developer options has been removed. This change makes devices like the OG Pixels and last-generation Nexuses match the new Pixel 2 and 2XL, which similarly lack the setting since a calibrated mode is the default. 

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YouTube is testing a more granular mobile data usage setting than the HD toggle

As any regular AP reader will know, YouTube tends to test little server-side changes in its Android app quite often. The latest one we've spotted appears to have been in the pipeline for a while now - a granular mobile data usage setting in place of the standard HD toggle.

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Exclusive: Future Camera update will add more photo grid options and a handy toggle

At the moment, the default Google camera app allows a staggering one option for a helpful photo grid: on or off. As happy as we are that it's there at all (if you're wondering, it's very good for getting a straight perspective and a balanced composition), we'd like to see some more options. And we'll get them sometime soon! We've managed to snag a preview of a future update for the APK, and while it's not exactly mind-blowing, it does add some very welcome tweaks to the grid.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Toggle 'Charging Sound' On And Off In System Settings

Stock Android may not make a special noise when plugged in to charge over USB, but it does play a tone when your device comes in contact with a wireless charger. Until now though, it hasn't been possible to disable this sound without adjusting the system volume. In Android M that will apparently change, as a new toggle joins the lineup in "Other sounds."

Dial pad tones, screen lock sounds, touch sounds, and touch vibration entries are all still present.

This is a small change, but - even if they're buried in settings - sometimes adding more granular controls can be a good thing, and that seems to be one of the themes of Android M so far.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Change Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth Connections From The Quick Settings Menu

We managed to snag confirmation of the upcoming 5.1 update to Lollipop just a few hours ago, but our tipster has already found one of the more obvious changes to the user interface. Google has tweaked the behavior of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings toggles/widgets from the Lollipop Quick Settings menu to allow users to connect to networks or devices without going into the full-page settings menu.

If that's a little confusing, here's how it works right now: when you lower the notification shade to the Quick Settings menu, you can either toggle Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on or off by tapping their respective icons, or tap the word "Wi-Fi" or "Bluetooth" instead to go to their respective menu pages.

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Several UI Refinements And Another 'LMP' Mention Spotted In Recent Nexus 5 Android L Build LRW66E

Releasing the L preview was an important leap forward for Android as an ecosystem, but, outside of a single almost meaningless update, we're probably not going to see any new builds up until the final L release. I can sort of see why the Android team doesn't want to put out builds with incremental fixes, saving all the improvements for a grand finale unveiling, so in the meantime, any glimpse at their progress is very interesting to us as well as developers working on porting their apps to adhere to the new Material Design guidelines.

Today, we have a photo showing a Nexus 5 running build LRW66E, posted to the Chrome bug tracker a few days ago and subsequently set to private.

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