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[Update: Web live] YouTube Kids introduces content filter for preschoolers, will launch on the web this week

When it first launched, YouTube Kids had a one size fits all approach for all kids. But since children are interested in different things as they grow up, the service introduced separate content levels last year: Younger (ages 8 and below) and Older (8-12). Now, it's adding a third level specifically for preschoolers (4 and below). Also, the service should launch on the web this week.

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[APK Download] YouTube Kids Is Official, Adorable, And Now Available On Google Play [Hands-On]

Google has officially opened up the toy chest and taken out YouTube Kids, its gift to parents all over the US. The app searches YouTube for the content that's appropriate for the little ones and dishes it out to them in an easily navigable interface that places less of an emphasis on search, keywords, and spelling.

The search giant has reportedly worked on YouTube Kids for quite a while, and by late last week, today's launch date had already leaked out.

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Move Over, LeapPad: Fuhu Introduces The $99 Nabi Jr. Tablet For Small Children

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Nabi 2 tablet for kids. As a father, I was extremely impressed with its vast suite of educational software, ease of use, and overall solid build quality when I reviewed it. The one major drawback of the Nabi 2 is that it's not really meant for pre-school-age children. Sure, it could help give your little little one a headstart, but $200 is a bit much to shell out when they may not even start using the device until the ripe-old age of five. Enter the answer to your quandary: the Nabi Jr.

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