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Our 7 favorite weather apps, now that Dark Sky is dead

As of August 1, Dark Sky is dust — at least for us Android users. At the end of March, it was announced that Apple had acquired the popular weather app and would be shutting off Android access on July 1. Turns out the company would end up extending that deadline by a month. Whoop-de-doo. But since then, we've seen a fake Dark Sky app pop up and then get put down in the Play Store. We get it: people are passionate about their weather apps. So, as Dark Sky finally makes it to pasture tomorrow, we're once again updating our list of our favorite Android weather apps.

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Today Weather, the award-winning weather app, has upgraded its radar and is offering Premium features for $2.49 ($2 off) [Sponsored Post]

There are many weather apps to choose from, but the average ones are bloated, confusing, and sometimes even annoying. Today Weather, named one of the Play Store's best apps of 2017, strips away all the clutter and provides a great deal of information in a clear, elegant way. And to entice you to check out their new and improved radar functionality, you can get Today Weather's Premium features for $2.49 for a limited time, a $2 discount.

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Today Weather, the elegantly designed weather app, adds a Note8-specific layout and pollen counts for the US [Sponsored Post]

No matter how advanced technology has become, there's one thing that remains out of our reach. We can instantly access information wherever we are, enjoy any type of media content, and communicate almost instantaneously. But, no matter how good things get, we're still subject to the whims of the weather (at least for now).

Since we all have to dress to accommodate the daily forecast, you may as well use the best app for the job. Thankfully, the elegantly designed Today Weather is there to provide, and it was just updated with a new layout for the Note8 and pollen counts for the US. 

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