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Jack Underwood's Monospace Writer Comes Out Of Beta

Jack Underwood, the developer of arguably the best calendar app on the Play Store, Today Calendar, has been working on his second app for a good while now - since the middle of last year, in fact. It's been available in beta since then, but Jack's just moved it to a general release, making it available for public download on the Play Store.

As Michael said in his initial look at the app last July, it's a writing app, but you won't find any of the extraneous options you might find in apps like Microsoft Word. Instead, it's purposely barebones, just letting you get on with the task in hand - writing.

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Today Calendar Adds Natural Language Processing When Scheduling Appointments

Calendar apps are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, but few of them have the polish, power, and intuitive interface of Today Calendar. Now the app can add one more bullet point to its list of handy options that make it easier and faster to schedule appointments and tasks: natural language processing.

What that means is that you no longer have to fuss with manually picking dates, times, and durations. You simply type them as you're making a new entry and Today will interpret the specific details and schedule accordingly. Words like todaytomorrowFriday, in 3 daysspecific dates, holiday names, and times like 2pmfor 3 hours, from 1pm until 5pm, are processed by the app without the need to go into date and time selection.

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Today Calendar Makes Pirate Users 'Walk The Plank' With Random Calendar Events

Piracy is a problem on any platform where installing software is easy, and that certainly includes Android. In a particularly egregious example, the developer of Today Calendar estimates that 85% of the users of the $5.99 premium version of his app have stolen it. What's a responsible Android developer to do? In this case, he's using a creative method to try and annoy illegal users into becoming paid customers.

Pirates who use Today Calendar will now be seeing some of what Jack Underwood describes as "Arrgh - Anti-Pirate Measures." Unlike most conventional DRM, the app won't shut down if it detects an unverified user.

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Redesigned Today Calendar App Hits The Play Store Looking Android L-ed Up

When Today Calendar first launched into the Play Store nearly half a year ago, it already looked pretty spiffy. But then Google I/O happened and the Big G showed off how different the next version of Android will look. Since then, developer Jack Underwood and Android Police's own Liam Spradlin have brought in a sweeping set of UI changes inspired by Google's new design guidelines. This isn't exactly what Android L apps will look like, but it's a good taste until they actually arrive.

The largest contrast between Today Calendar and Google's own offering has to deal with appearance, but it wouldn't be true to consider this a shallow difference.

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Today Calendar Adds An Auto-Updating Date To Its App Icon - Why Doesn't Google Calendar Do This?

Update: The developer contacted us to let us know that the update he showed off hasn't been applied yet, but will be released very soon.

At Android Police, we're Android evangelists. It's pretty rare that you'll get us to admit that Apple does something better than Google. But in terms of almost obsessive attention to visual design, Apple has the upper hand. Case in point: the iCal app icon on the iPhone and iPad updates every day, putting the correct day of the month on the icon. Why doesn't Google Calendar on Android do that, years after its inception?

Whatever the reason, you've now got at least one option for that functionality: the previously-covered Today Calendar.

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