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T-Mobile rolls out Caller Verified spam call protection, starting with the Galaxy Note9

To say that spam calls are annoying would not only be redundant, but it'd also be a big understatement. These nuisances are primarily why I hardly answer my phone anymore and they've only gotten worse in recent months and years. T-Mobile is taking a stand against it by implementing what it calls Caller Verified technology, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

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T-Mobile Will Open Its Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+ Orders Today, Tuesday 18th, At 6AM PT

Are you itching for a new big phone from Samsung? And are you a T-Mobile customer with little patience and not enough energy to go through pre-orders and then orders to get your shiny new gadget? Then today's your lucky day. John Legere has announced on Twitter that T-Mobile's orders for both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ will be open today, Tuesday 18th, at 6am PT.

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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile Is Offering Steep Discounts On The Galaxy S6, LG G4, And More

T-Mobile is now solidly in third place among US carriers, having finally passed Sprint. It got there by offering consumer-friendly services and low prices, and today we've got a lot more of the latter. T-Mobile is running sales on several great devices like the Galaxy S6 and G4.

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T-Mobile Passes Sprint To Become The Third Largest Carrier In The US with 59 Million Subscribers

T-Mobile and its bombastic CEO John Legere have been making waves in the US wireless industry, and consumers have been taking notice. According to the latest quarterly earnings report filed by T-Mo, the carrier is now larger than its competitor Sprint, making it the number three runner in America. T-Mobile claims 58.9 million subscribers in the US as of July, narrowly besting Sprint's reported number of 56.8 million from today. T-Mobile has added at least a million customers each quarter for the last nine quarters, and 2.1 million in the last three months.

In truth, T-Mobile may have actually passed this milestone some time ago.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Get Updates With Battery Life Improvements And Other Tweaks

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are already on the latest version of Android, but the T-Mobile variants are getting a small maintenance update today with a few fixes. It's not huge, but you may as well install it when you've got a moment. The changelog promises battery life improvements, which is always appreciated.

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The Water Resistant 5-Inch Kyocera Hydro Wave Comes To T-Mobile Priced At $150, MetroPCS July 27th

Kyocera is one smartphone manufacturer that could care less about beating the competition on specs. It makes cheap phones that either won't receive updates or won't get them until long after you've given up hope. But the handsets are affordable, and many of the later models tend to be pretty rugged.

Both of these hold true for the Kyocera Hydro Wave, which is now available from T-Mobile and on its way to MetroPCS. This 5-inch qHD phone comes powered by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal memory. Fortunately, there's a microSD card slot for extra storage.

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T-Mobile Announces 'Advanced Messaging' To Make Texting More Powerful

VoLTE is finally starting to roll out on devices, but who uses their phone as a phone anymore? Luckily, there's a next-gen standard for text messages too, and T-Mobile is the first carrier to support it. T-Mobile's CTO just announced support for "Advanced Messaging" on the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard on T-Mobile, and it's starting its rollout now.

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[Deal Alert] T-Mobile Is Selling The LG G4 For $480, Down From $600 (20% Off)

T-Mobile has long since abandoned the traditional contract model for phone purchases, meaning in one way or another, you're paying for the entire cost of the phone. You can buy it upfront or pay it off monthly, but T-mobile will get a little less of your money right now if you want to grab a new LG G4—this device is on sale for 20% off on T-Mobile's website.


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New T-Mobile Family Plan Promo Offers 4 Lines With 10GB Of Data Each For $120

After blowing past Sprint in the last quarter, T-Mobile is still pulling out all the stops to increase its subscriber numbers. The latest announcement is a new family plan with 10GB of non-shared data per line. The price varies based on how many lines you have, but the sweet spot is four at $120 total.

2015-07-14 10_44_31-Family Plans w_ 10GB 4G LTE Data Per Line _ Family Plans _ T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Gains 2.1 Million Subscribers In Q2, Now The Third Largest US Carrier

John Legere just got done announcing yet another uncarrier initiative, and now we see what all those changes have earned the smallest national carrier—it's not actually the smallest anymore. T-Mobile reports 2.1 million net customer additions in Q2, bringing its subscriber count to 58.9 million. Sprint has only 57.1 million customers.


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