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Samsung's new Tizen OS phone looks like something from 2011

When Samsung first started developing its own operating system, named Tizen, many thought the company would be positioning it as an Android competitor at some point. That hasn't really happened, with only a handful of phones in emerging markets (plus some TVs and watches) actually running it. Samsung today revealed the 'Samsung Z4,' and it's a pretty good representation of the platform as a whole.

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[Yo Dawg] Samsung made an Android app to transfer Tizen apps from an Android phone to a Tizen phone

I won't blame you if you're confused by the title of this post. I am too and I just wrote it. Samsung just released an app to the Play Store that's called "Tizen App Share." The name Tizen should first raise your eyebrow, because that's Samsung's other operating system, the one it famously runs on its popular Gear smartwatches, but also the one it is developing quasi-silently as a full-blown smartphone OS. The latter part hasn't been very popular, but then again Samsung hasn't put its complete marketing juggernaut weight behind it so it's understandably low key.

So when you read Tizen App Share, you might think it's a new utility to share apps between two Gear watches or between phones and Gear watches or something of the sorts...

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An Israeli security researcher takes a good look at Samsung's Tizen, labels it the worst code he has ever seen

Android is a hulking beast as far as global user share is concerned — hell, it's the most-used operating system in the world, surpassing even Windows (in terms of internet usage). When Samsung announced that it was creating its own open-source alternative to Google's mobile OS, it was not really a surprise. We've had several upstarts over the years, like Sailfish, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, and so on, but all of them have failed in some form or another. There were a few people, however, who thought Sammy could be the one to unseat Google and Android with a mobile operating system that it called Tizen.

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Samsung is adding an LTE Gear S3 Classic to its smartwatch lineup

The Gear S3 Classic is probably one of my favorite smartwatches to date. The styling is great, Tizen isn't half-bad, and the rotating bezel is awesome. The only bummer for some was that Classic did not share the LTE connectivity option with its brother, the Frontier. Samsung has decided to rectify that, having just announced that the Classic will have an LTE-enabled version.

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Samsung's Gear S3 can now be purchased in South Korea, will be available in other countries from November 18th

Samsung's Gear line of smartwatches has come a long way since 2013's geeky-looking, Android-powered Galaxy Gear. The latest additions to the family, the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic, were announced over two months ago at IFA, and now, they're finally available - in South Korea.

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Samsung announces 2 Gear S3 variants at IFA with larger designs, GPS, and Samsung Pay

After some teasing in weeks prior, Samsung has taken the wraps off the Gear S3 at IFA. Although the Gear S2 was already a potent smartwatch, the Gear S3 adds a host of new features that make it even more competitive with Android Wear's crop of offerings, including the just-announced ASUS ZenWatch 3.

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Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Launches In The US Today [Update]

Samsung's latest smart watch is hitting shelves today, but it's not Android Wear. Samsung is forging ahead with its Tizen-based Gear line with the Gear S2. This is Samsung's first round smart watch with a full circle display (none of that flat tire nonsense). Listings are still hard to come by, but expect the Gear S2 to pop up throughout the day. In addition the the US, the Gear S2 is launching in Germany, Singapore, and Korea.

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New Gear SDK Includes Details About Samsung's Upcoming Round Smartwatch

Samsung was early to the recent smartwatch craze, but its products haven't exactly sold like gangbusters. While Samsung has made an Android Wear watch, it seems more interested in moving forward with its Tizen-based Gear platform, and the new Gear SDK offers a lot of detail about that next device. It'll be round, but that's not the only thing we know.


The watch will have a 1.18-inch round display with a resolution of 360x360. That's not very large, but the overall device will probably be much less ridiculous as a result. Samsung is planning to use a metal frame with a large crown button that makes the device look more like a real watch.

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Samsung Is Updating The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, And Gear Fit In The US With Improved Pedometer Accuracy, Tweaked Sleep Mode, And More

Samsung is sending an update out to all the owners of its new wearables in the US. Surely there are some of them, right? So yes, that Gear 2, Gear2 Neo, or Gear Fit on your wrist is about to get slightly better. I mean, it's still a Gear, but you know.


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[Deal Alert] Refurbished OG Galaxy Gears Are Currently Just 89 Bucks At Best Buy, Recently Converted To Run Tizen

There are more than a couple Gears to choose from these days, but not that long ago, there was only one. That awkward piece of tech is more affordable now, though it still hasn't dropped down to the price many people would like to pay for it. That makes now a good time to pay some attention to Best Buy. Today the retailer has refurbished versions of the original Galaxy Gear going for just $89.99, a price that's on the better side of $100.


Though Samsung has new models in the field, it hasn't forgotten about the smartwatch that got the ball rolling. The Galaxy Gear received an update that switched it from Android to Tizen starting at the end of May.

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