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YouTube now showing hashtags above video titles on both mobile and web

Hashtags are all the rage these days. They're already on basically every single major social media service (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google+), and now they're making a much more prominent appearance on YouTube as well. On both web and mobile, hashtags are starting to show up above titles for videos that have them in their descriptions.

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Quick Tip: How To Search Only Android Play Store Titles And Cut Out The Noise

I do so much searching in the Play Store on a daily basis that every little trick that helps surface relevant results faster and filter out things I don't want is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes, you're searching for XYZ, which you know should be in the title, but instead get a ton of results back with XYZ in the description. This is especially frustrating when a new app or game gets released, and Google hasn't figured out it's popular yet. In that case, it's more than likely that searching for the name of the app will show it somewhere near the last results page.

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