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[Update: It's back] Titanium Backup suspended from Play Store due to permission issues

Titanium Backup is a name most of you probably haven't heard of in a while, but there's still a small fanbase that uses it. Much to many fans' surprise, the app was seemingly removed from the Play Store earlier today. As it turns out, Google suspended Titanium Backup from the Play Store for problems pertaining to permissions.

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[Update: It's live] Titanium Backup tweet confirms Adoptable Storage is coming to the powerful app

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular apps for backing up important data or files, so it's great to see official confirmation from the developers that the app will soon support Android's Adoptable Storage feature, which means external storage can act like internal storage.

While it's hugely convenient to be able to put a microSD card into a brand new phone and have all your files there waiting for you, external storage has long had limitations surrounding security and the possibility of data loss. Adoptable Storage, introduced in 6.0 Marshmallow, mostly negates those issues by encrypting the storage and treating as it would to what's built-in.

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Titanium Backup developer offers a preview version of EvGenie, a synced calendar app

Google Calendar covers most of the basics for synced calendar users, but anyone who wants something more robust needs to go on a bit of a hunt. Titanium Track, the indie developer team behind the power user favorite Titanium Backup, is on the job. Their latest project is EvGenie, an advanced calendar designed for seamless backup across multiple devices and sharing with family members or coworkers. It's currently on the Play Store in an open preview. It's free to download.

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Titanium Backup 7.5 adds Android N support and introduces secure MyTiCloud backup early bird

Titanium Backup still looks like it was stuffed in a time capsule in 2011 and never gotten out of it, but who cares. The app provides backup and restore features that make the lives of every root and custom ROM user several folds easier, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of its capabilities. And it's not like it's been abandoned: the developers keep updating it and today it's reached version 7.5.

With this release, Titanium Backup is adding Android N support so you can finally use the app if you're running the latest dev preview. But it's also introducing a new feature:

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Allo And Duo APKs Leaked But Inoperable, So One Modder Used A Custom Xposed Module To Peek Into Allo

So Allo has some people in the Android world quite excited, even if it is Google's third chat standard in four years and leaves the future of Hangouts somewhat nebulous. It's going to be several months before the public gets access to Allo in all its Assistant-infused glory, but there are already APKs leaking out to the Internet for both the standard Allo and the new Duo video chat app. At least a few users were able to grab the apps off the Play Store despite them being in pre-registered mode, and both of them were posted to our sister site APK Mirror.

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Titanium Backup Adds Support For Android 6.0 Marshmallow In v7.2.3 Update

Few root apps have had the staying power of Titanium Backup. If you updated your Nexus device to Marshmallow and took advantage of the new SuperSU version to root, then you'll be happy to know Titanium Backup works on Android 6.0 now. For everyone else, Titanium is waiting for you when you get 6.0... eventually.

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Titanium Backup's v7.2 Update Adds Android M Support, Fixes Box Authentication Issues, Squishes Lots Of Other Bugs

The developers at Titanium Track continue plugging away at their beloved app, which reaches version 7.2.0 with its latest update. While we do get the standard variety of minor enhancements and bug fixes, the main draw this time is the addition of some formal support for Android M. It appears Titanium Backup had some function with the M Preview initially, but that would have been merely incidental. With some time to work on it, the development team has pushed changes that are specifically targeted to getting it to work on the newest Android version.

Based on their changelog, it seems one problem with the preview builds was detecting the folder where users had stored their backups.

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[APK Download] Titanium Backup Updated To v7.0.0 With Better Lollipop And CM12 Support

Not long after some test builds were found in the wild, Titanium Backup has started pushing version 7.0.0 via the Play Store. The big jump in version number from is not all that indicative of the changes, as most users won't notice much in the way of updates. Still, there are some improvements, which are always welcome.

What's New?

Here's the full changelog:

  • Added support for storing backups into any DocumentsProvider (eg: on external SD card) on Android 5.0+.
  • Added support for CM12’s built-in SU app/binary.
  • [PRO] Added new widget action to restore the oldest/newest data backup for an app.
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Titanium Backup Can Now Back Up And Restore Bluetooth Pairings On Android 4.2+ (Including Lollipop)

Titanium Backup is well-known among rooted users for its ability to back up just about every aspect of a phone. It actually has the same prestige among non-rooted users too, they just can't get in on the fun.

The latest version of the app adds Bluetooth pairings to the list of things Android users can rarely ever have to set up again. As long as you're running Android 4.2 or higher (including Lollipop, which the app supports following a recent update), Titanium Backup should let you back up and restore your current Bluetooth connections.


So if you've been using the same headset for the better part of a decade or you don't particularly want to have to go through the process of reconnecting your phone to your car another time around, just save those connections someplace where you can restore them at any time.

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Titanium Backup Now Works On Devices Running Android Lollipop Following 6.2 Update

With the release of version 6.2, Titanium Backup should now play along nicely with Android 5.0. This means rooted users who have already jumped to Lollipop can continue to use the tool to back up, restore, or freeze whichever apps they wish.

When you install the app, it's not going to look pretty. There's no Material Design to drool over, nor are there any fancy animations to catch your eye. Even the icon looks a little out of date these days. But this is Titanium Backup, and that's just part of its charm.


The developer has also quashed some other bugs, so give the changelog a glance as you go to try out the app.

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