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This titanium Galaxy S10+ case costs more than the phone itself

Most people spend $15-20 on their phone case and call it a day, but the people behind GRAY are aiming for a different sort of clientele. Their Advent cases for the Galaxy S10+ range in price from $701 for a basic "Titanium" all the way to a whopping $1,343 for a personalized "Aurora."

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You can finally buy the $1600 Red Hydrogen One Titanium, if you're insane

It's rare that we come across a phone we suggest you 100% do not buy under any circumstances, but the titanium Red Hydrogen One earns that distinction. Red delayed the launch of the titanium phone last year, but now you can buy it for $1,600. You shouldn't, though.

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RED will send out free aluminum Hydrogen Ones to make up for titanium pre-order delay

There aren't many phones made from titanium because it's vastly harder to work with than aluminum, but RED went for it anyway. The Hydrogen One has been teased repeatedly over the past year, but it's still not out. If you pre-ordered the titanium version, the wait is going to be even longer. According to RED, the first run of titanium phones was a failure. It's going to try and make it right with a free phone, though.

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Google Joins Forces With Luxottica, The Maker Of Ray-Ban, Oakley, And Persol To Design New Frames For Glass

The Google Glass team knows that if you're thinking about mounting a computer on your face, you should do it with some style. Today, Google and the Luxottica Group announced a partnership that will see the two companies working together to design stylish and comfortable frames to pair with Google Glass. This follows the the Glass team's own Titanium line of frames launched back in January.


The Luxottica Group owns, manufactures, and distributes famous brands such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Persol. The company is also responsible for manufacturing frames for several top designers like DKNY, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and many others.

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Google Announces Frames And Shades For Google Glass, Available Starting Today For $225

Questions about Google Glass and conventional prescription glasses have been flying since the project was announced, but Google finally seem ready to initiate a program to make the two come into conjunction. The Glass team announced frames for prescription lenses and sunglasses for Glass on Google+, along with a glitzy video. The titanium glasses frames will be put up for order exclusively to Glass Explorers later today.

Unfortunately, the solution that Google has presented isn't one size fits all - you'll have to choose from a selection of four standard frames (Split, Thin, Bold, Curve) and order lenses to fit. The titanium frames are pretty pricey as well, with a uniform cost of $225, or $150 for the sunglasses.

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[CES 2013] ARCHOS Introduces Titanium Line, Including The 70, 80, 101, And Previously Seen 97 Titanium HD Tablets

ARCHOS is not messing around! After releasing the first in its iPad Titanium line of tablets, the 97 Titanium HD, sans price, the company is back for more with three new slates in the family: the 70 (a 7" tablet), the 80 (an 8" tablet), and the 101 (can you guess? can you? I bet you can. Yes, it's a 10.1" tablet!). The company isn't even being shy about its intent. The 70 specifically targets "competitors such as Amazon", the 80 goes after "the iPad mini, for a fraction of the price", and the 9.7 "aims to be an alternative to the new iPad." Well, yeah.

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