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After a lengthy soft-launch period 'Titanfall: Assault' has officially launched, complete with lower rewards and more costly upgrades

NEXON's Titanfall: Assault is now officially available on the Play Store. More or less it takes the tried and true gameplay from Clash Royale and adds giant robots. While it is billed as "a mobile RTS with fast-paced action and intense PvP battles," you have to wonder how the $109.99 in-app purchases affect the head-to-head multiplayer gameplay.

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Nexon is probably turning Titanfall into your typical Android PvP game

If I told you that Titanfall was coming to Android, I bet you would be pretty psyched. What if I told you that NEXON Company had teamed up with Respawn Entertainment to bring us Titanfall: Assault, a real-time competitive multiplayer game. How would you feel then?

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Console And PC Shooter Titanfall Will Come To Android In 2016, Probably As A Freemium Game

Here's a gaming announcement that came out of nowhere: Titanfall, one of the biggest new first person shooters to appear on gaming PCs and consoles last year, will get a mobile release. The Guardian reports that Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment (made up mostly of ex-Call of Duty developers) and Nexon (a developer that focuses on full-sized PC games that use the freemium model) will both invest in newbie mobile developer Particle City, with the aim to create "several mobile games based on Titanfall."

If you weren't following the gaming news in early 2014, Titanfall is an arena-based shooter that puts a sci-fi spin on the popular FPS genre.

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NVIDIA Releases Titanfall Live Wallpaper

Titanfall fans, do you want to show your gamer love? Of course you do! And now you can display the love for the game with your wallpaper!

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Somehow that sounded far more exciting in my head. But that's OK, the point remains the same: NVIDIA just released a neat Titanfall Live Wallpaper to the Play Store. Is it amazing? No. Is it groundbreaking? No. Mind blowing? Nah. But it is pretty cool looking, and those who love Titanfall should at least enjoy slapping it on their homescreen.

It's a free download, so hit the widget to give it an install.

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[New App] Titanfall Gets Companion App For Android, PC Gamers Need Not Apply

Microsoft put a good deal of focus on Titanfall when it pushed out the Xbox One, and it remains the most high-profile title for the console. The action-packed first person shooter shakes up the traditional deathmatch formula by adding mechs that players are free to hop in and out of. As a result, the game introduces more of a vertical component to the firefight, as combatants are able to hop along walls and wage war across various floors. Now EA has released a companion app to the game for Android.

Titanfall2 Titanfall1 Titanfall4

The app provides additional backstory on the Titanfall universe, a nice tough considering the game's lack of much of a single-player aspect.

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