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[Android 7.1 Tip] Get rid of the Play Store on your home screen and use the 'My Apps' shortcut instead

Odds are you have the Play Store on your home screen for easy accessibility, but have you ever considered not having it? I don't mean you should dig into the app drawer every time you need to open the store, but perhaps the regular Play Store link isn't the most efficient. If you're on Android 7.1, maybe you ought to replace it with the My Apps shortcut.

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PSA: Google Album Archive shows you all your photo albums in one place [Update]

Google has a lot of products and services that involve photos, and it can be hard to keep track of where everything is. The company added a cool feature to the Google "About Me" account info screen recently that makes it easier to find all your photos. It's called Album Archive, and it, well, archives all your albums.

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Still Not Seeing Podcasts In Play Music? Try Refreshing Your Account

Google finally made podcasts official in Play Music last week, but not everyone is seeing the option even after updating to the newest app version. You might be able to give Play Music a kick in the butt by refreshing your account. It is an option in the app's settings—refreshing, not butt kicking.

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Tip: Use Micopi To Spice Up Your Blank Contact Photos With Unique Geometric Designs

The generic placeholder image in your contacts app for people lacking a proper photo is pretty boring, isn't it? Ideally, you'd want to add a photo of each person, but maybe you don't have one. A handy alternative is Micopi, which generates cool geometric designs in place of the boring old silhouette.

1 2 3 Screenshot_20160108-125050

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Windows Users: Seeing The 'Allow USB Debugging' Prompt Every Time You Plug In Your Phone? Here's A Quick Fix


Level Money Adds Flexible Money Management For Those Of Us Who Don't Have A Fixed Income

Money and expense managers are excellent tools for those of us who have a little trouble staying on top of their budgets, counting the ins-and-outs of cash flow from their pockets and bank accounts, and saving a few pennies for emergencies or big purchases. However, most of them usually expect you to have a fixed regular salary and rigid monthly payments in order to calculate their data. That's the problem Level's latest update tries to fix.

If you're a contractor, server, freelancer, and you work on tips, commissions, or variable paychecks, it's now possible for you to add your income to Level in different amounts and intervals that go anywhere from a week to a year.

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How To Make Sense Of All The Different Nexus 6 Builds: Why They Exist And What It All Means

Ever since Android 5.1 began rolling out to the Nexus 6 a few months ago, there have been numerous builds at the same time, depending on country and carrier. This can be a lot for even the most hardcore of Nexus fans. Fret no more, however. We are here to help.


This post is intended for people who have locked bootloaders and flash OTAs - you know, the people who keep their phones stock. While I realize that a lot of Android Police's readership are power users, a very large number of us, myself included, have neither the time nor sufficient amounts of interest to unlock bootloaders, root devices, etc.

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Google Finally Enables Answers In Search Suggestions In Chrome, No More Toggling Flags Required

You might remember way back in August of 2014 there was a cool addition to Chrome for Android that places possible answers to your queries in the Omnibar suggestions. It's been active this whole time, but only if you toggle the flag. Now it appears to be live for everyone.

2015-05-27 16.58.25 2015-05-27 17.00.04 2015-05-27 17.00.34

You don't even have to spell it right

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Tip: Chrome Beta On Tablets Now Has An Easy Way To Close All Tabs


Have you ever let the number of tabs in Google Chrome get out of hand? A nifty trick has popped up in Chrome Beta's tablet interface, now making it simple to deal with a large amount of tabs. Simply press and hold on the "X" you would normally use to close a single tab, and you will be prompted with a small dialogue that says "Close all tabs." Hit that and you have a clean slate.

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Android "L" Feature Spotlight: You Can Now Copy From The Status Screen With A Long-Press

Android L still has a few tricks up its sleeve – specifically, in the Status menu. If you go to the About section of settings and tap on Status, Android L allows you to copy any of the values listed there with a long-press. Neat.


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