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Samsung Members had a d*** pic on its front page for several hours

The Samsung Members app may not be your go-to destination for R-rated content, but for several hours today, it could've done the job just fine. A member posted his, erm, member for other members to see. Given the intriguing nature of the post, it grew enough in popularity that it popped up on the app's front page for everyone else's enjoyment.

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[Dick Jokes] Samsung burns another customer, this time with an emoji

I'm not sure if I should file this in the inappropriate and/or sleazy category or if it's just careless enough that it might slide on the right side of awful but funny. The story goes like this: @SamsungMobileUS asked users on Twitter to show the first pic they took with a Galaxy S8. @savEdward replied with "It was a dick pic." Not to be fazed by that answer, Samsung just sent in reply one emoji: a microscope.

Ouch... Can you feel the burn? Alright, alright, it's a little juvenile and quite clichéd, but seeing this answer come from an official account for a company as large as Samsung is reason for us to pause.

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