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Five OxygenOS features we hope to see in stock Android someday

Although we usually think it's pretty great these days, stock Android still isn't perfect, and there are plenty of great, useful, and convenient features that third parties like OnePlus have come up with. The only bad thing about them is the fact that not everyone using an Android gets to use them — they're exclusive to OnePlus devices. So we'd like to see a few of these useful OxygenOS features make their way over to stock.

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[Update: Odd-even is live] Google Maps v9.73 beta prepares to allow reviews to be saved as drafts, odd-even road rules for Jakarta, and more (APK Teardown)

A new version of Google Maps began rolling out late last night. The immediately visible changes are semi-cosmetic, including some slightly more informative details, but there aren't any obviously huge additions to see here. As we turn to a teardown, there are signs that reviewers will soon be able to start writing, then save their work as a draft. Also, if you're going to be driving in Jakarta, Indonesia, Google Maps is going to make it easier to deal with odd-even driving restrictions.

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Google Assistant thinks Arizona is on the East Coast, Google still working on a fix

Google Assistant is pretty great, as far as virtual assistants go. You can ask it questions, play games with it, and order stuff from Google Express. But it also has a few problems, like it can't set reminders on the Google Home and it doesn't know where Arizona is. Yes, you read that last part correctly.

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