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Facebook announces tools to help you use its apps less

In June, we found out that Facebook was developing tools to help users limit use of its social media platforms. The feature was spotted in an incomplete form in the Facebook app, and a Facebook representative confirmed that tools were coming to both Facebook and Instagram in the near future. Now, Facebook has formally announced the new features, which will be "rolling out soon."

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Facebook is developing a tool to show you how much time you're wasting on Facebook

We spend a crazy amount of time looking at our phones. Tech companies seem increasingly aware of this, as many have started introducing tools to help us track and manage the time we spend with technology. Now Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon: the social network is crafting a time-management feature it's calling "Your Time on Facebook."

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Hugely Popular Game Diner Dash Enters The Play Store With Both Free And Paid Versions On The Menu

Few words sound less exciting next to each other than "time" and "management," but time management games have attracted legions of fans thanks to their accessibility and addictive gameplay. Diner Dash is the most popular franchise of the genre, and its debut title has now made its way into the Play Store with both free and paid versions available.


DinerDash1 DinerDash2 DinerDash3

The game stars Flo, a former stockbroker who quits her job and starts her own restaurant. As Flo, players must seat and serve customers as quickly as possible. Flo will eventually upgrade her fledging restaurant and even open new ones.

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