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Tilt Allows Your Group To Easily Collect Money For Crowdfunding Goals

So your church group decides to pay for a new well somewhere that needs it. You'll have to collect $20 from each person, then bundle it all up and make sure no one's welching. That's a considerable amount of work for a big group, not to mention a lot of awkward conversations - you can only hear "I left my wallet at home" so many times before you snap, earning a scornful look from the deacon and a thrashing from your grandma after Sunday pot roast.

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[New Game] Hands-On With Swerve And Destroy - A Game With Tilt Controls That Don't Piss You Off [Video]

I love trying new and original-looking Android games, so when I saw Swerve And Destroy in the Play Store today, I had to take it out for a spin. Oftentimes it's the simpler games that end up being the addictive ones, causing you to miss class (you shouldn't do that) and call in sick to work (definitely don't do that), and Swerve and Destroy is no exception. OK, maybe you won't end up playing it for days on end, but it's a fun time-killer.

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[Review] Hyperlight Brings Tilt-Controlled Madness to a Faster-Than-Light Level

During the past couple months I've seen a growing trend in Android games that seek to emulate the style of Geometry Wars, a highly successful console and PC title. I've had the pleasure of playing both Tilt Arena and PewPew in the past, so why not throw one more into the mix?

Hyperlight brings another entry into the Geometry Wars-like genre, but with a specific control scheme: tilt controls accomplish everything in this game, and have a deeper purpose than just movement.

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Fun With Google's Mobile Easter Eggs - Try Searching For "Tilt," "Askew," Or "Crooked" In Your Mobile Browser

April Fools' passed a long time ago but users are discovering a few jokes that decided to stick around, such as what happens when you search Google on your phone for any of these words:

  • tilt
  • askew
  • crooked

To preserve the lulz and save you some time, here is what you currently observe:

wm_snap20110406_204204 wm_snap20110406_204318

If you want to try this out for yourself without pulling out your mobile, you can just head over to this forced mobile version instead:

Keep it up, Google!

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