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Midweek deals: Exclusive sale on Mophie 12,000mAh Powerstation, plus USB-C wall chargers and Tile Stickers

Is there anything worse than watching the battery icon on your favorite smart device hit 1%? The sad truth is that our phones, tablets, and computers are pretty useless without the power to keep them running. On this week's Wednesday roundup, we're featuring deals on portable batteries and wall chargers that will ensure your devices stay juiced up, no matter where your day takes you.

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Tile's latest Bluetooth trackers include a tiny button-shaped sticker

Tile’s Bluetooth trackers have always been the perfect solution for people who are bad at keeping track of their belongings. But the biggest problem was that you could only use the tracker by attaching it to a keychain, hanging it on one of your bag's zippers, or literally keeping it in your pocket. There was no way you could hang it on your smartphone or any other electronic device. 

The company has finally fixed that issue with the Tile Sticker. The Sticker, which is a part of a new bunch of trackers Tile has announced, is a waterproof disc that can be stuck onto any surface.

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