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Tidal offering 12-day free trial starting on December 25th

Jay-Z's high-fidelity music streaming service Tidal is offering a 12-day free trial starting on December 25th. In comparison to normal trials—in which the start and end dates are determined per subscriber—the Tidal trial starts and ends for everyone on December 25th and January 5th, respectively. No credit card is required for the trial, so you can partake without worrying about an unexpected bill. The trial includes access to the premium tier, as well as the lossless Hi-Fi tier.

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Tidal splashes onto Android TV with its lossless music streaming

If you are someone who would pay 20 bucks a month for lossless streaming audio, you would probably like the option to play those high-bitrate tunes through the receiver connected to the biggest screen in your house. It's only fair. Rejoice, audiophiles and audiophile wannabes (like me), because streaming service Tidal has released an Android TV version of its app. 

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TIDAL Android app adds support for Sonos speakers

Tidal, the music streaming service owned by rapper Jay-Z, has yet to really take off. Despite the backing of several major artists (Beyoncé, Kayne West, etc), the high subscription price and lack of a major quality difference for most listeners has kept the user base low.

If you're part of the (likely small) cross-section of people with both a Tidal subscription and Sonos speakers, then I have some good news for you.

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Sprint buys 33% stake in Tidal, will offer exclusive Tidal content and deals to Sprint subscribers

Sprint and Tidal announced today in a joint press release that the cellular provider has bought a 33% stake in Jay Z's streaming service. It is an interesting marriage, considering that both are industries in which competition is wanted, consumers fear consolidation, and the companies are far behind the market leaders in terms of subscriber counts. 

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T-Mobile Adds Video From Spotify, Tidal, NBC, Univision, Noggin, And More To Binge On Service

Despite some technical objections, T-Mobile's unlimited video streaming option Binge On has proven to be a hit with the company's customers, just as the audio equivalent Music Freedom was before it. With these two programs, T-Mobile customers aren't charged against their data caps for watching or listening on participating services. Today Binge On expands to a few new services, and existing Music Freedom services are adding at least some video content to Binge On.

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