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Introduce your child to the wonders of board games with Asmodee Digital's release of Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a toned-down and easier to understand version of the popular Ticket to Ride train-based strategy board game. It makes a great starting point for kids who have a budding interest in the hobby, and it's a great way to teach the main mechanics of the title without overloading them with complicated gameplay.

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Humble Bundle With Android 7 Launches With Six Android Games, Including The Debut Of 2D Puzzle-Adventure Game Anodyne

It's that time again. Another Humble Bundle for Android has rolled out, and like always, it's jam packed with mobile gaming goodness that is bound to provide more than enough value for your digitally transferred buck. This bundle contains six great games, including one we considered a little bit creepy, but a lot of fun. Pay whatever price you want to get your hands on Anodyne, Greed Corp, Incredipede, and Ticket to Ride. Anyone who pays over the average will also get to poke around with the Bard's Tale and Worms Reloaded.


This bundle marks the Android debut of Anodyne, a 2D puzzle adventure game where players assume the role of a character exploring his uneasy subconscious.

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[New Game] Board Game Ticket To Ride Pulls Into The Android Station

Feeling up for a train-based adventure? Well, as of today you don't even have to get off your butt to do so. Days of Wonder has released the app version of its popular board game Ticket to Ride on Android. All aboard, and please have your tickets ready.

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Ticket to Ride is a bit more involved than most Android games – there are actually rules to learn. The basic premise is that you and your opponents (up to 4 total players) compete to see who can string together the longest contiguous routes on the game board of crisscrossed train tracks.

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