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LG's Teaser For The Dual-Screen V10 Smartphone Shows The World's Worst Bangs

Look, I'm not what you would call a stylish person. I think I can say with some confidence that most work-from-home tech bloggers fall into the same category (though Liam is one dapper dude). But I know a dumb-looking haircut when I see one, and the poor woman in LG's latest teaser video would be entirely justified in assaulting her high-priced stylist with a designer curling iron.

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HeadsOff Disables Heads Up Notifications In Lollipop, Restores Ticker Text

Remember back when the CyanogenMod team discovered the code for heads up notifications hidden deep in Android KitKat, and everyone wanted to play with them? Now that it's been standardized in Lollipop, apparently at least some people aren't so keen on them. We've featured HeadsOff before in our app roundup: it's a neat little app that disables heads up notifications in Android 5.0 or later, and does it even without root permissions.

2015-06-14 20.13.36 2015-06-14 20.17.56 2015-06-14 20.23.48

But wait, as the showman says, there's more! The 2.0 update released today also enables ticker text in the notification bar with the $2 pro version upgrade.

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[Impressive App] NBC Universal Releases CNBC Real-Time For Honeycomb With Real-Time Stock Quotes, Scrolling Ticker, News, And Videos

If you have a Honeycomb tablet, you are probably aware that there is a very small subset of Android apps made specifically for the tablet OS. NBC Universal is here to fill this gap, starting with this excellent and beautiful finance app - CNBC Real-Time. It was built to utilize the large screen real estate of your tablet, with independent scrolling UI parts created using the ingenious Fragments API that was introduced with Honeycomb.

Here are the features of CNBC Real-Time, in the order of importance:

  • You guessed it - actual real-time quotes (pre-market, market, and after-market), all for free. This is just excellent - no 15 minute delays to deal with here.
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Samsung Introduces The Continuum Galaxy S Series Phone In An Official Video

The Samsung Continuum, announced earlier this week, is going up for pre-order tomorrow. This Galaxy S series phone is the first Android device with a secondary ticker screen providing access to updates, a-la Android top notification bar. Some consider it a gimmick, some think it could be really useful, but you can decide for yourself after watching this official intro video, complete with overly cheerful (with the exception of the guy who lost money in the stock market) folks that apparently have 0 time to look at their actual phones and rely on the tiny 1.8" display instead. The ticker jumps in and saves the day, making everyone even more cheerful, no matter how impossible it may sound.

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Official Yahoo Finance Application Now Available In The Android Market

Take a look at what I found in the Android Market this morning when I was doing a casual sift through the swamp of garbage that the Market is today. It's the official Yahoo Finance app - an app that trails behind Google's own super popular Finance app by over a year. Of course, the more the merrier, and Yahoo is a huge player in the finance world with its Yahoo Finance site, so I downloaded it to take a look.

Yahoo! Finance

Official description: Yahoo! Finance, the Web's #1 Finance site, is now available on your Android phone.

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