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Netflix is replacing its five-star rating system with thumbs-up and thumbs-down

For years, Netflix has used the standard five-star rating system for shows and movies. But according to the company's blog post, this wasn't very effective. Now the five-star system will be replaced by simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons.

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Google Play Store Comments Section On Android Switches To A Single Thumbs Up And Spam Feedback

Lately, Google has been experimenting with some changes to its Play Store reviews section to make as much information available at a glance as possible. That's why it added review highlights where you could see the most frequent terms found inside the comments with small samples from different reviews. And recently it began slightly tweaking the way users interact with these reviews, probably in an effort to streamline feedback submission for others' comments.

Previously, the Play Store would show a small thumbs up / thumbs down icon next to each review where you could quickly give feedback on whether or not it's useful.

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