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NimbleBit Re-Releases Tiny Tower On Android In Celebration Of Five-Year Anniversary

In true Throwback Thursday fashion, Tiny Tower has been released on Android. What is this, 2011? No, it's still 2016, but this is a new version of Tiny Tower with a new listing in the Play Store. Do you dare dive back into this addictive tower builder?

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Five Years Ago, A Google Dev Told Us App Gifting Was On Their List Of Things To Do (It's Still Not There)

As we approach Google I/O 2016, I was engaged in my Thursday ritual of looking for something to throw back to. A Throwback Thursday, if you will. What I stumbled upon was too good to just link on our social networks for consumption - I was floored the moment I read it, and then overcome with a strange combination of the giggles and sadness. Back in 2011 at I/O, as they still do today, Google held "office hours" for developers. Artem was there for AP that year, and he used some of his time asking about things that you, our readers, submitted after a call for questions.

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