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Verizon will stop throttling your video if you pay an extra $10/month

There's a reason we here at AP have a dedicated Verizon hero with devilish features grafted on: the company consistently makes changes that are unfair to its customers. After limiting video quality to 480p and 720p depending on the tier of unlimited plan back in August, Verizon has now brought full-quality streams back - for an extra $10 per month.

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Project Fi experiments with opt-in data throttling, accidentally deactivates customers' SIMs in the process

Data throttling has been standard practice by carriers for years. At first it mostly applied to customers going over their data limits, but recently carriers have begun throttling certain content (like streaming services) for everyone by default, especially in the face of a less strict FCC. Project Fi has been experimenting with an opt-in (not default) throttling feature, which ended up disabling the SIM cards of some customers.

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Verizon splits unlimited plan into three tiers, throttles video on all of them

Verizon ruffled some feathers last month when it was caught throttling Netflix on its LTE network. At the time the carrier said it was merely testing video optimization technology, and now we know why. Verizon has done away with its standard unlimited data plan, replacing it with three tiers of unlimited data. All of them include video throttling—in fact, you can't get 1080p video on phones on any of them.

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Verizon caught throttling Netflix and YouTube, says it's testing 'video optimization' tech

Netflix launched a speed test tool a while back in part because ISPs have been caught in the past doing shady things with Netflix traffic. The speed testing tool this week revealed Verizon has started throttling Netflix, and users report YouTube is also affected. So, what gives? Verizon says it's just testing some "video optimization" technology, whatever that means.

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Google introduces background tab throttling in Chrome 57

Chrome on Android already heavily throttles (or outright kills) background tabs, but Chrome on the desktop has mostly allowed inactive tabs to do whatever they want. Unfortunately, having several tabs open using performance-intensive JavaScript code, like timers, can cause Chrome performance and battery life (if you're on a laptop or other portable device) to suffer.

Google originally planned to start throttling background tabs in Chrome 56, but due to some concerns it would break a large amount of web pages, it was put off. Now the feature has finally arrived, as part of Chrome 57.

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AT&T now offering unlimited data plans on prepaid GoPhone lines, but there are plenty of other limits

It has traditionally been impossible to get an unlimited data plan on prepaid service, but AT&T has just rolled out that very thing. GoPhone customers who want to use a lot of data can do so for a mere $60 per month. If that sounds like a good deal, get ready for the catch. This is basically the throttled Choice "unlimited" plan AT&T offers as a budget option for post-paid lines.

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Cricket Wireless introduces Stream More forced standard def video, will start throttling Unlimited plans after 22GB

Cricket giveth and Cricket taketh away. It was only a month away that it increased data allotments on its plans, and now the wireless MVNO is following in the footsteps of the bigger networks with a few announcements, which in this case, might be a little to the detriment of its customers.

First, Cricket is introducing its own version of T-Mo's Binge On, called Stream More. It will stream all HD video at standard definition and will start rolling automatically to users over the next months. Users will be notified with an SMS when it's activated for them and they can disable and enable it through their Cricket account.

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Sprint launches new $20 unlimited tablet data plan, but it throttles video, music, and games

Sprint has been trying to stop the slow bleed of customers moving to other carriers with some attractive deals, including an "unlimited" plan aimed squarely at T-Mobile. Now, Sprint has an "unlimited" tablet plan. I'm using quotation marks here because calling them unlimited doesn't get the point across. The new plan has unlimited data, but the speeds are throttled. But hey, it's only $20 per month.

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Sprint announces Unlimited Freedom plan with no data cap, but throttled video, music, and gaming

T-Mobile made a big change to its plans yesterday by getting rid of all of them except for T-Mobile One, which offers unlimited data. There are a number of big drawbacks to that plan, but Sprint likes the sound of those drawbacks, so it has followed suit with a plan called Unlimited Freedom. It's a lot like One, but a few bucks cheaper with a slightly different set of restrictions.

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T-Mobile announces T-Mobile One, a single unlimited data plan with a surprising number of caveats

T-Mobile just announced a surprise Uncarrier program that will do away with all its current plans. Instead, there's only one plan that T-Mobile is calling T-Mobile One. It has unlimited data, which is great. However, it's not really an unlimited plan. There are plenty of limits that you should be aware of.

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