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[Deal Alert] The Excellent 'This War Of Mine' Game Comes To Phones, Celebrates With A 50% Discount To $6.99 In Many Countries

Do you want to bust through doors, fire dozens of machine guns, and kill all the baddies? Then This War of Mine isn't what you're looking for. War heroes aren't just the fighters, they're also the survivors who find themselves thrown into a bleak world and have to scrape for meat, find a shelter, protect each other, and just try to get through each day unharmed and alive. That's the aspect of war that This War of Mine taps into, and it does so with surprising depth and sensibility for a "game". Our own Michael was very impressed when he reviewed it.

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This War Of Mine Game Preview: A Dreadful, Soul-Crushing Experience... In A Good Way

This War of Mine is not a fun game. But it isn't trying to be. While other "realistic" war games will hand you a rifle and tell you to take that beach, Private, in This War of Mine a few scraps of meat is a much more important tool for survival. You control three survivors living in a bombed-out house in the middle of an extremely non-specific war zone, trying to scrape together enough materials to craft their way through the war without starving or freezing.


Needless to say, this is not the kind of game that will appeal to those who like to spend their virtual time jumping through colorful Miyamoto landscapes, this is more like a playable version of your great grandpa's stories about what they had to do to get through the war in the old country.

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Pre-Order 'This War Of Mine' For Android And Get PC Version Instantly, Plus 15% Goes To Charity

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes good things happen to bad people. Sometimes things just happen. This unpredictability and grim reality forms the premise behind This War of Mine, a PC game from developer 11 Bit Studios that is on its way to Android.


This War of Mine grapples with the struggles of surviving in a city that's held under siege. You don't pick up firearms and shoot your way out the way most video games would have you confront the issue. You must find food and shelter while staying safe and maintaining the will to continue.

This change of focus results in a strategy game that presents you with truly difficult choices.

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