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Hands-On With Thermodo, The Go-Anywhere Thermometer Attachment For Your Smartphone

As much as we like to give Kickstarter campaigns a hard time (or just outright laugh at them), we've seen some cool ideas come to fruition thanks to crowd-funding. Among those, Thermodo is an interesting little gadget: it's essentially a small thermometer that plugs into a phone's or tablet's headphone jack and interacts with the device through an app to give the temperature of the current location. I'm not entirely convinced of its practical usage, but the idea is definitely neat.

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[New App] Thermodo App Finally Arrives In Google Play To Complement Your Kickstarter-Funded Phone Thermometer

The Thermodo was successfully funded on Kickstarter last Spring to the tune of $336,018. The designers were only seeking $35,000 to build the tiny electrical thermometer, but apparently people really want to know what the temperature is in the general vicinity of their headphone jack. The device has reached most backers and now the promised Android app has hit the Play Store.

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