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Fleksy's 'fleksycoins' in-app rewards system is out now

Popular keyboard Fleksy has released an update that adds an in-app currency, fleksycoins, that can be used to purchase new themes. The update was announced Monday on Twitter, and it's live now on the Play Store.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 100 codes for [projekt.] development team's Andromeda, the root-less Substratum add-on for Android 8.0 Oreo theming

Ever since the Android community learned that theming might be possible on Android 8.0 Oreo, we've been waiting with bated breath to try it out. Just last week the solution was finally released in the form of Andromeda, an add-on for Substratum that allows you to apply themes without root. And now we've teamed up with the guys at [projekt.] development team to give 100 lucky readers a free code for Andromeda. 

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Andromeda brings Substratum theming to unrooted Android 8.0 Oreo devices

It took a bit over two weeks, as opposed to the promised one, but it's finally here. Substratum support for Android 8.0 Oreo, in the form of the newly released Andromeda app, has been released. It's not quite as straightforward or simple as Substratum is on a supported ROM, but it will give users on Oreo the ability to theme. And, best of all, you won't need root to use it. 

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Developer discovers how to turn on Android 8.0's theme support without root, but it's a bit janky

Big news today over on XDA. It would appear that the OMS support added to AOSP made its way into Android 8.0 Oreo, and the enterprising developers at XDA have figured out how to leverage the nascent theming system. That is to say, support for Substratum themes now exists in stock Android as of Oreo, and the Substratum developers have just found a way to leverage that without relying on root, via a bit of privilege escalation and ADB, resulting in an incoming root-less theme management system for phones on stock Oreo, and it could be released within the next week.

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Skype v8.3 adds light and dark themes, activity indicators, and chat reordering [APK Download]

Skype just introduced PayPal integration less than 24 hours ago, but that doesn't mean the Microsoft-owned company is done adding things. Version 8.3 of the Skype Android app has implemented a host of new features, including themes, activity indicators, and chat reordering.

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[Deal Alert] Customize your rooted phone with Awesome Navbars, free for a limited period

For those who like to tinker with their Android phones on a regular basis, the Substratum Theme Engine is a great way to style your rooted device with seemingly endless possibilities. It's based on code hidden within Android that's intended for use by OEMs to change themes in their skins, but this app now allows anyone to do this. Additional apps can be installed to work in conjunction with Substratum to change certain aspects of a device's theme, and that's exactly what Awesome Navbars does. It changes (you've guessed it) the Android navbar.

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[Very Personality] Lenovo Theme Center comes to the Play Store with the same ol' content

Lenovo is having a rough time lately staying on top of its demanding user base, especially those that associate it with Motorola still and hold it to a higher standard than most brands. And it's not like the company is doing itself any favors with colossal snafus like that APPShot that we reported on a few months ago. (If you missed that post, I recommend you read it for the lulz.) Now the company is back with another new app on the Play Store, Theme Center. Fortunately, the description and screenshots aren't as criminally bad as APPShot, but unfortunately, the result is still the same with thousands of 1-star ratings and dissatisfied users.

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Android O feature spotlight: It looks like Android may be getting native support for themes

I cannot fault people for loving the theme support present in certain OEM and custom ROMs. The fact that Google has never implemented them in any sort of official way has been a frustration to many, but we did find something very interesting in the Android O preview. In the display settings, there is a section for "Device theme," which has two options. Hm...

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[Deal Alert] Several apps, games, and icon packs are free on the Play Store

Gather 'round penny-pinchers and avid Android lovers. There are deals to be had and none of them will cost you a cent. How 'bout that? You know Android Police's got your back. Without further chit-chatting, let's get started.


We had spotted Screenshot Pro and Quick AppLock Pro going down to $0 a few days ago, but now a lot of other apps by HDM Dev Team are getting the same treatment. We have an app to control your screen's rotation, a clipboard manager, both a call and a voice recorder, an "optimization" app, a blue light filter app, and the app that ties them all together "Magic Swipe Plus."

I haven't used any of these apps before, but they seem to be well reviewed on the Play Store.

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Allo 2.0 has hidden chat themes, for your theming needs

The first major update to Allo, version 2.0, added a number of much-needed improvements. However, WhatsApp users may note that chat themes are still missing in Allo. 9to5Google has managed to enable some hidden themes included with the update, which can be activated on a per-user basis.

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