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Google Photos adds holiday-themed movies in time for the festive season

Last year, Google Photos introduced 'Movie Concepts,' which are videos automatically created from the photos and videos in your account. They're much like the vacation videos the app puts together when you go on a trip away from home, but based on different themes. The first example was a movie about your kids growing up, but Google said it would be expanding the feature to include other life events and holidays in time.

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Google Photos v3.10 adds text selection mode to Lens, prepares tool to remove obstructions from photos and videos [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google Photos is out in the wild and it's sporting a brand new text selection feature for those with access to Google Lens. A teardown of the APK also reveals that Photos isn't too far from getting a powerful tool for removing obstructions and ghosting effects from images, and it may soon have a new 'themed movie' generator that does all of the hard work of picking out content for short personalized videos.

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