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Chrome Dev 53 Adds Flag To Show Tab Colors In Tab Manager UI [APK Download]

Want to spice up your tab view? There's a flag for that... if you're using Chrome Developer Channel v53 on Android. The newest Chrome Dev for Android adds a new flag for just that: #tab-switcher-theme-colors. When enabled, this flag will color your open tabs in the tab manager interface in Chrome, just as they're colored when viewing a single page. The tab theme-color attribute was finally added to all versions of Chrome regardless of your usage of merged tabs back in January earlier this year. I have to admit, it does look pretty sweet to see your tab colors in the tab manager UI.

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Latest Chrome Dev Supports The 'Theme-Color' Attribute (Including Tinted Status Bar) Without Merging Tabs And Apps

The stable version 39 of Chrome introduced theme-color attribute support for website developers to give their pages unique and colorful looks when you're browsing them on your Android device. However, for the feature to work at the time, users had to have apps and tabs merged, so that each tab was treated as a separate app in the multitasking tray. Later on, the developer version 47 of Chrome added a workaround to enable theme-color support without merged tabs and apps. But only users who knew how to find flag chrome://flags/#enable-theme-color-in-tabbed-mode and activate it were able to enjoy a colorful address bar header in their browsers.

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Latest Chrome Dev For Android Has Partial Support For 'Theme-Color' Attribute Without Merging Tabs And Apps

In version 39, Chrome for Android learned an awesome trick: using a simple HTML tag, any webpage could tell Chrome to theme its UI (and your device's status bar) with a specified color. The downside to this feature was that it only worked if tabs and apps were "merged," meaning your Chrome tabs would show up inline with your recent apps, rather than relying on Chrome's own in-app tab switcher.

Today, a Chrome for Android developer at Google let Reddit know that the theme-color attribute will soon make Chrome snazzy even if you don't have tabs and apps merged. Right now the flag (chrome://flags/#enable-theme-color-in-tabbed-mode) will only work in Chrome Dev 47.0.2516.0 (available from the Play Store or APK Mirror), and support isn't complete yet - the flag won't allow Chrome to theme your status bar and swiping across the toolbar to switch tabs is a little glitchy, for instance.

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