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WSJ: Google Plans To Merge Chrome OS Into Android, Form Single New OS In 2017 [Update]

A debate has waged since Chrome OS started appearing on Chromebooks. It can be summed up as: This is nice Google, but why don't you combine it with Android? Well, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal, it looks like Google is getting ready to do just that.

Chrome OS will fold into Android. Android will better adapt to PCs. By 2017, the two will form a single, new operating system with access to the Play Store. Google reportedly plans to show off an early version sometime next year.

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Report: Twitter In Talks To Buy TweetDeck For $50 Million

I know the subject of Twitter buying another company is not directly related to Android, but considering the importance of the social service in our day-to-day operations and the target of the rumor being TweetDeck, a crowd favorite when it comes to Twitter clients, I thought I'd give this one a mention.

According to a report published today by The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is reportedly in talks to buy TweetDeck for $50 million. This comes after relatively recent news of UberMedia's $30 million bid in cash and stock. As we've seen, UberMedia and Twitter don't have the best rapport, so keeping TweetDeck out of UberMedia's hands may well be in the best interest of Twitter itself.

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