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[Hands-on] The Sims Mobile, an exasperating lesson in patience

The Sims Mobile just recently soft launched in Brazil. Having written a release announcement the other day, I wanted to circle back and explore the gameplay in order to get a better sense of what this title offers. Do we finally get the Sims us mobile gamers have always wanted, or does EA do the expected thing by pushing out another substandard product? If you couldn't tell from the title, yeah, this is one of the worst games I have ever played.

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The Sims Mobile is out as a soft launch title currently available in Brazil

Electronic Arts have soft-launched their new Sims game in Brazil. It is titled The Sims Mobile, and it is offering an experience a bit more similar to the PC franchise. Currently, the majority of us cannot install it from the Play Store but if history is anything to judge by it should be releasing for the rest of us soon.

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[New Game] The Sims Free Play For Android Lets You Live Vicariously Through Your Creations On The Go

The original Sims was the last Sim game I played. It had two expansions and didn't extend very far beyond a single neighborhood, but the things you could create and play around with in it were fantastic. The Sims Free Play has stuck to its roots with a similarly engaging and surprisingly powerful game for a mobile platform.

The Sim games are, at their heart, about creativity. The Sims for Android packs a lot of the same creativity tools from earlier Sim games. I was surprised to find that all of the same functions from the first game—character creation, house design, landscaping and architecture toys—were not only present, but have a huge library of options to choose from.

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All EA Mobile Games Just $0.99 Today For Holiday Sale

If you've been holding out on buying any EA Mobile games, today's your lucky day - they're all priced at just $1. Oddly, we've heard no official word of this from EA themselves (rather, just an anonymous tip), so we have no idea how long the sale will last. A look at the Market confirms it to be true, although AppBrain takes a bit to update, so only two of the four titles show the sale price as of writing.

Unfortunately, EA Mobile only has 4 games on the market at the moment - but at least they're not half bad (regular price is in parenthesis):


[Thanks for the tip, 'whatever']

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