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Bragi's The Dash and The Dash Pro will get Amazon Alexa support in October

Completely wireless earbuds are everywhere at IFA this year, and so is the voice assistant war. While Google Assistant is busy getting its foothold into many speakers, Alexa is expanding into headphones and earbuds and the latest to join its rank is Bragi's The Dash series.

Both The Dash and the newer The Dash Pro will get a software update in October to Bragi OS 3.1 that will enable Alexa integration. You'll also need to update your Bragi app on Android (or iOS) and link an Amazon account obviously, so that The Dash knows which credentials to use. Once that's done, you can use The Dash's gestures and movement sensors to trigger Alexa, either by a "tap of the cheek" or a "nod of the head." The former seems a little ridiculous and the latter could be falsely triggered during vigorous exercise, so I hope The Dash's sensitivity has been more appropriately tuned for these.

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[Update: Groupon] Deal Alert: Bragi's truly wireless earbuds, The Dash, are $100 on Woot for a refurbished pair ($200 off)

The completely wireless earbud trend started several years ago, long before Apple's Airpods, and Bragi was one of the companies at the forefront of the technology. After the inevitable delays that plague every Kickstarter product, Bragi managed to ship The Dash and actually deliver on its promise. In my review of the earbuds, I found the technology a little magical, the NFMI transmission between the two earbuds more reliable than Bluetooth, the design completely freeing, and the basic features well done.

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