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Marshall's stylish Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker is down to $258 ($41 off)

Marshall makes some really cool, retro-styled speakers. Their designs hearken to the company's guitar amps, with vinyl coatings, rubber feet, and tactile knobs for adjusting volume, treble, and bass. The Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker is normally $299, but it's currently $258 at Amazon.

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Google Maps Has Arrived At Its Destination, App Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

When Gmail hit 1 billion downloads early last month, it was a pretty safe bet some of the other Google apps would follow closely behind. The next entrant to the exclusive club came only a few weeks later, and this time it's Maps taking the spotlight. Even if it occasionally sends us through winding mountain roads and quiet neighborhoods during cross-country trips, we should give a round of applause for the app that always got us where we needed to go!

Note: the total number of downloads is a tally of the accounts that have downloaded the app. Repeated downloads on the same account, even on multiple devices, are only counted as 1 download.

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Gmail For Android Reaches 1 Billion Downloads, This Event Has Been Archived

Next month will be the two-year anniversary of Gmail becoming the most widely used email service on the planet. While it remains the uncontested champion, the Gmail app for Android struck its own accomplishment last week as it became the first conventional app in the Play Store to reach 1 billion downloads. Technically, the Google Play services package crossed the same mark back in January, but it is automatically installed on any device equipped with the Play Store and running Android 2.2 or higher. It's probably fair to pass this honor to the more legitimate runner up.


AppBrain shows the event occurring on May 6th.

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