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Google News Adds 7 New Languages: Romanian, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, And Thai

Google has announced that Google News will soon be available in seven new languages - Romanian, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and Thai.

The new languages will be available in "the next few days" according to Google. Google claims this will add a potential audience of over 260 million new readers to news, with the native language versions available on the web or the Android and iOS mobile apps.

The Google News & Weather app received a huge version 2.0 release last summer after languishing as a stock Android widget for years, and its popularity has boomed in the meantime, racking up between 100 million and 500 million installs on the Play Store.

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The i-mobile iQ II Becomes The First Android One Phone In Thailand

Google has announced the expansion of Android One into yet another country. Now residents of Thailand will be able to pick up the i-mobile iQ II for 4,444 TBH (that's about $127). The specs are somewhat modest, but you get the latest and greatest version of Android and updates from Google.

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Google Play Carrier Billing Comes To DTAC, Thailand's Second-Largest Wireless Carrier

Google's regular expansion of carrier billing, which lets customers charge apps and and other purchases to their next wireless bill, has been mostly focused on Europe for the last year or so. But if you're a customer of the Total Access Communication Public Company Limited of Thailand, better known as "DTAC," you now have the option as well. According to the support page for the Play Store's carrier billing, DTAC joined the list late last night.

carrier billing

DTAC is Thailand's second-largest wireless carrier with over 20 million users as of early 2012. (For comparison's sake, AT&T Wireless in the US has about 110 million.) At the moment, DTAC is the only carrier in Thailand that will allow users to charge Play Store payments to their wireless bill.

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Android 4.3 And Updated Camera UI Spotted On A Nexus 4 At Thailand Mobile Expo [Update: Video]

At least some Android enthusiasts were disappointed that version 4.3 wasn't revealed during Google I/O, despite a few leaks prior to the event. But rest assured that Google is hard at work on the next update to Jelly Bean, as at least one XDA Developers forum poster discovered firsthand. "challeen" took the following pictures at the Thailand Mobile Expo 2013, showing a display model Nexus 4 (allegedly) running Android 4.3. He took some candid photos of both the standard "About phone" settings screen, and what appears to be a new camera interface.


The Settings page isn't all that interesting, but the camera interface seems to include a new see-through action area, complete with a new activation ring and fresh icons for HDR, contrast, and rotation.

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