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Google Translate's camera mode can now recognize Arabic, Thai, Hindi, and other languages

Google Translate's camera mode, which allows you to highlight text from pictures to read them in your native language, is still one of the best real-world implementations of machine learning. Earlier this year, a handful of new Indian languages were added to the camera mode, and now 13 more are supported.

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Google Assistant now available in Thai on phones and tablets

Back in February, Google said that it would be adding 30 more languages to Google Assistant "over the next few months." Of the languages that had been name-dropped at the event, only Hindi and Indonesian have been added, but another has just joined the club: Thai.

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Actions on Google adds 7 new languages, deeper Android app integration, geolocation, and cuts down on introductions

Actions on Google, the developer backbone behind third-party Google Assistant integrations, is getting more and more capable with time. Last time we saw it get updated, it learned new languages, got better discoverability for the apps, and added notifications, a personalized experience, and more. With this new update, there's even more in tow, so let's get started.

First, in conjunction with the news that Assistant is adding 30 new languages, 7 of which are launching soon, developers can now create actions in these same languages: Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Thai. Along with the 9 existing languages, this makes the total 16, but Google knows that the mere fact that a language is supported isn't enough to get all the developers on board.

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Samsung Pay launches officially in Thailand

Samsung expanded its mobile payment solution, Samsung Pay, to more countries across the world in 2016. After launching in South Korea and the US in 2015, the service became available in China, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada, and more countries. Thailand was expected to join the fun in 2016, but the service was only available as a limited early access test starting October 2016. Now it's officially launching country-wide.

Thailand is transferring into a cashless society and the government seems to have already put in place an e-payment strategy, so Samsung Pay comes in at the right time for the country.

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