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AT&T and Cricket customers receive texts that their location was used by third parties

On the heels of AT&T and other carriers promising (again) to stop proving location data to data aggregation companies, many customers of AT&T its MNVO Cricket have received an interesting text message. They were informed that they had consented to sharing "phone location or other subscriber, account, and device data" with third parties, without actually having consented.

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Project Fi shutting down text forwarding on September 12

A sad bit news hit Project Fi users' emails today. Google's MVNO service is shutting down text forwarding on September 12. While I'm sure not everyone on the carrier uses this feature, I personally have relied on it since joining Fi. 

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Foodmoji and Text AR Stickers get their own Play Store listing [APK Download]

Google's AR Stickers began rolling out in December of 2017 to Pixel devices. At the time, users had 5 sticker packs to choose from when adding imaginary things on top of their real camera shots: Star Wars, Stranger Things, food, blocks, and text. Blocks were separated from the main app in February (Winter Sports were added then) and now food and text are seeing the same fate. The latest v1.2 update to the AR Stickers app shaves off about 28.5MB from the file by removing the two packs, which can now be downloaded separately.

Once your AR Stickers app is updated, you will see a red dot on top of the food and text icons.

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Android Wear v2.6 includes a Recent app complication, network status indicators, download progress card, and more [APK Download]

Google announced last month that one of the plans for Wear 2.0 had been to make the platform easier to update with software upgrades from the Play Store rather than relying so much on sending out a barrage of firmware updates. In the v2.6 update, quite a few improvements and little tweaks have been made to the interface, including new connection indicators, download status notifications, a recent app complication, and more.

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Some Pixel phones can't receive any text messages, Google is working on a fix [Update]

Google can't go a few days without some sort of critical issue hampering the use of their products. Most recently, there was the issue with Artem's Home Mini recording everything he said, but there have also been multiple bugs with Android Auto, Google Clock, and more. The latest problem? Some Pixel phones can't receive texts. This looks to have been an issue for a while, though it's taken until now for Google to respond. And until the company releases an actual fix, there's nothing Pixel owners can really do about it.

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Devs can now autosize TextViews

Google has been smoothing Android's rougher edges over the last few revisions, but there's one thing you interact with constantly that still needs some work: text. Until now, developers had to specify a text size, and that's all the text would be without third-party workarounds—even if that meant it was super-tiny or so big it overflowed. Now, they can create "autosizing TextViews" with Google's tools.

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Google Docs now makes it easier to change your documents' text capitalization

Between this job and school, I write a lot, so any tool that makes that task easier is great in my book. On that note, the G Suite team has rolled out a small, but great, change to Docs: you can now change the capitalization of a specific portion of text, and you get to choose between lowercase, all caps, and title case.

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Gmail v6.11 fully supports pasted content with formatted text and images [APK Download]

A couple of weeks ago, Gmail v6.11 began its rollout with a relatively small but divisive change to the way quotes are handled in replies. It turns out that there was a much bigger and more important change that went completely unnoticed. Google just posted a changelog on the Play Store to point out that you can now paste content into Gmail and all of the formatting and images will remain intact. Version 6.11 is still current, but there have been a couple of minor bug fix releases since then, so there's also a download link at the bottom if you don't already have the absolute latest update.

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Snapseed v2.8 adds text filters and image resize option

Snapseed started as a simple image editor, but it's been learning some impressive new tricks recently. It can even edit your RAW files these days. In the new v2.8 update, you can add text to your images with a ton of fonts and styles, and there is an auto-resize option for exports. The update is still rolling out, but we've got the APK ready for download if you don't want to wait.

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