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Amazon Alexa can now send SMS from your Android phone

As the battle of the smart personal assistants continues to simmer, Amazon has just fired another shot, adding support for SMS messages to Alexa's feature list. You can now command your Amazon Echo device to send a text message to one of your contacts, provided you have an Android phone.

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Pulse by Klinker Apps is a new SMS app that brings Pushbullet-like sync and reply for messages across devices

To say that there are a lot of SMS clients on Android would be an understatement. Yet most people tend to stick to the default one that came with their phones and we know that a lot of those lack any useful or cool features. The name of Klinker should be familiar to some, since they gave us Talon for Twitter, Sliding Messaging, and EvolveSMS. Even though it's just Luke now, that doesn't mean that the neat apps have stopped. You may recall that back in September, Klinker released a beta for a new messaging app (then called "Messenger"). That app officially released today under the name of Pulse, and it's pretty awesome.

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Samsung acquires Canadian telecom NewNet to bolster its RCS offerings

Rich Communications Services, more frequently abbreviated to RCS, is something of a hot-button topic in the mobile tech world right now. It's essentially a replacement for SMS that incorporates a lot of the functions of popular new messaging systems like WhatsApp, supplanting the antiquated text messaging standard with something more capable and flexible. The problem is that "RCS" is something of a generic term, and every gigantic international megacorp and their gigantic international mother wants their own standard. After today, you can add Samsung to the list.

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Latest Pushbullet Update Lets You Send Picture Messages (MMS) From Your Computer

Pushbullet began as a quick way to send files, links, and other data from one device to another. Along the way, the team took the infrastructure it had in place and introduced instant messaging (through a phone using SMS). Last month the feature grew to include group conversations. Today, the service has evolved to support sending picture messages.

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EvolveSMS 4.0 Comes With An Android Wear App, Fingerprint Authentication, Marshmallow Support, And More

The SMS app that comes with new phones tends to suck in one way or another. Why is the interface so ugly? Bah, switching between conversations is so awkward. Samsung, what are you doing? Motorola, the old Messaging app no longer feels stock―it just feels old.

When you ask a friend for good alternatives, don't be surprised if you hear them mention EvolveSMS. Not only is the app pretty, the combination of using the side panel to list conversations and swiping left or right to switch between them is just plain convenient.

Now version 4.0 is here. Unfortunately, you're not going to get to enjoy most new features just yet without the right hardware.

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Messenger 1.3 Treats Texters To Quick Reply And A New Widget [APK Download]

Messenger is Google's basic alternative to Hangouts for sending SMS messages, and today it has received an update bringing along a widely-requested feature. No reason to tease you about it. Let's jump in.

What's New?

Quick Reply is the ability to respond to a message without having to switch to the full app. Now when the notification comes in and you hit the reply button, you can tap out a response and go about your day.

However, the feature isn't without its drawbacks. The Quick Reply interface takes up the full screen, but it doesn't show you any of the message you just received.

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