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Google announces official release of Android Testing Support Library v1.0, Espresso v3.0, and more to make writing automated tests easier

Proper testing procedures are a huge part of software development best practices, particularly automated tests. As many Android developers would point out, the story on Android was far behind the curve for many years, and it was only recently that the tools had caught up with the needs of the ecosystem. Today, Google announced a major leap forward for these tools with an official v1.0 release of the Android Testing Support Library (ATSL).

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Popular television progress tracker TV Show Favs is testing a new material design layout

Users of the popular television management app TV Show Favs have some new features to look forward to. MKDevelopment, the guys behind its development, are currently testing v4 of their app with a beautiful new material design version. The redesign is almost unrecognizable, and an enormous visual improvement over the previous version's dated Holo-era design. In addition to a visual overhaul, there are a few other new features, like app shortcuts. This latest release is still in testing so there may be more features to come.

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Bottom navigation is being tested for the YouTube Music app

After some time spent testing out different bottom navigation styles, the latest incarnation in the Android YouTube app is something very similar to what you'll find in the iOS version. It's still being a/b tested as far as we know, so some users will see it and others won't. It now appears that the YouTube Music app is following suit with a bottom navigation UI of its own.

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YouTube is testing at least three new video loading animations

If you've been following our coverage of the many separate Play Store experiments, you'll know that Google has a tendency to test several interface changes at once. This time, at least three new video loading animations have been spotted in the YouTube app.

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Another Play Store UI experiment appears, this time with separated store categories

At this point, I'm convinced everyone has a unique Play Store app layout. Several UI changes are in various stages of testing - including expanded cards on search, a new My Apps screen, a 'Top Features' list, and several others. There's yet another UI change in testing, this time expanding the Play Store categories.

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Slideshow being tested in Facebook app after iOS debut back in June

Back in June, Facebook released a new feature to the iOS app, Slideshow, which takes photos uploaded to the service and turns them into videos, much like in Google Photos. We've received a tip that says this is now being tested in the Facebook app on Android, although it's hard to say how widely.

None of the Android Police team have Slideshow in the Facebook app, so we've not actually been able to use it. However, what we can say is this: it appears in the 'Post to Facebook' Activity, above the 'Tag Friends' option. Tapping it brings up gallery pictures, of which you can choose images for the slideshow.

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Google is testing new search suggestions in the Play Store

Google likes to continually tweak the interface and features of its tools and apps, especially the most widely-used ones. Today an Android Police reader spotted new search suggestions in the Play Store, in a way that's familiar for general Google searches but hasn't actually been seen on Android's app listing yet. The new UI element shows suggested additions to your search term after the query has been entered - not to be confused with search suggestions that expand from the bar itself.

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New interface for Play Store Top Charts rolling out to more users

Just this month alone, a revamped UIa new trending section, Netbanking support for India, changes to search results, and minor tweaks to app installations have all shown up for some users. This latest change was first spotted in June, but appears to be rolling out to even more users.

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'Messenger' by Luke Klinker is an SMS app that syncs across all your devices and the web

Text messaging applications are a dime a dozen. Luke Klinker, the developer behind Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS, is working on another SMS app. Simply entitled 'Messenger' while in testing (the final release will have another name), this app allows you to use SMS on your phone, tablet, Android TV, through a web app, and even with a Chrome extension. As far as device compatibility goes, this is pretty impressive.

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Android Studio v2.2 released to stable channel with new layout designer and ConstraintLayout, test recorder, APK Analyzer, and much more

The Android Tools Team has been hard at work on version 2.2 of Android Studio, and it's finally ready to step up to a stable release. Demonstrated at Google I/O, the preview release of v2.2 introduced a plethora of great new features and improvements intended to make app development faster and easier. Over the last four months, Studio has been continually tested and refined to get it ready for all developers, regardless of which development channels they're normally following. For anybody that hasn't been following along with the canary or dev builds, the video below summarizes many of the new improvements in this release.

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