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Microsoft releases official HockeyApp client for Android

Microsoft has finally released an official HockeyApp client for Android more than two years after acquiring the service. The app gives testers early access to beta software ahead of its official release, much like TestFlight, a similar platform that was acquired by Apple in 2014.

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TestFlight Beta Testing And Deployment Service Is Dropping Android Support March 21st [Update: TestFlight Acquired By Apple]

If you've ever written an iOS or Android app, or if you've been part of a beta testing group, there's a chance that you've run into TestFlight. The service provides software to help with deploying beta apps to users and collect usage statistics and bug reports for developers. One year ago today, the company announced its plans to expand beyond the iOS world and begin serving Android developers, as well. What followed was a short private beta that ended in May. Despite an apparently successful launch, Testflight is officially dropping support for Android on March 21, 2014.


No details have been given regarding reasons or how many developers will be affected by the shutdown.

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TestFlight Offers Beta Android App Deployment To All After Serving 4,500 Apps In Private Beta

Back in February, TestFlight announced that it would be bringing its services to Android in the form of a private beta, having already served over 300,000 apps on iOS. Today, though, TestFlight has announced that it is ready to lift the private beta, opening beta Android compatibility to all users. TestFlight says that during its 45-day beta period, 5000 developers uploaded over 4500 apps. 


The service, for those unfamiliar, is a widely popular beta testing platform, allowing developers to quickly and smoothly deploy beta apps to select users. Though, as we mentioned in our previous coverage, other options do exist for Android developers (like the Play Store’s private app deployment), TestFlight does offer considerable value in terms of security, helpful tracking and analytics, and - perhaps best of all - centralized feedback.

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TestFlight, Having Served Over 300,000 Apps, Announces Private Beta For Android

Popular beta testing platform TestFlight has officially announced its arrival to Android in private beta form, in a post to the TestFlight blog. If you're wondering how popular TestFlight really is, the same post should provide some reference: the service has been trusted with smoothing the process of beta app deployment for over 300,000 iOS apps. Needless to say, its expansion to Android is big news.

Of course, Android already has, and the Play Store offers private app deployment, TestFlight provides the ingredients for an impressively sleek beta testing process with secure deployment, tracking, and – perhaps best of all – centralized feedback.

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