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Testdroid Releases Recorder As A Free Product, Brings JIRA Integration, And Launches Remote Manual Testing [Sponsored Post]

If you're a developer who uses Testdroid for app compatibility testing, then some newly-announced price changes and other features will probably be of interest to you. First, and probably most importantly, Testdroid Recorder is now completely free – a price drop of $200. If you've already subscribed to Testdroid Recorder, don't sweat it, the company is offering a nice perk for you: 12 months of support. Would-be Recorded customers can also get support access for $200 a year.

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Testdroid Gives Developers Access To Instant, Automated App/Game Testing On More Than 230 Android Devices [Sponsored Post]

The life of a mobile application developer is a tedious one – they're not only responsible for building apps but also ensuring they work on as many of the 900 million Google-certified Android devices that have been activated over the last five years as possible. Of course, Android OS versions start to die out over time, and new versions – along with new handsets – emerge, making this a never-ending cycle of test-update-test-update.

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