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T-Mobile expands Test Drive up to 30 days with hotspots instead of iPhones

In the market for a new wireless service provider? It just so happens that T-Mobile remains the only carrier in the United States to offer a try-before-you-buy "Test Drive" to see if the network is right for you. Now, it's changing its own game up with a revamp to the program, expanding its loaner length and switching out iPhones for hotspots.

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Genesis, the luxury arm of Hyundai, now does personal test drives via an app

Hyundai has been pushing the tech envelope when it comes to its new luxury brand Genesis. The company recently rolled out support for Google Assistant, but now you can even arrange for a test drive from the convenience of the Genesis Valet app. There's no need to visit a dealership in person, and you can even arrange it for a time and place that's convenient to you, like your own home. It's a whole new level of luxury. 

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Amazon Ends Test Drive, The Feature That Let You Try Apps In Browser Or Virtual Machine Before Downloading

Back in 2011 when Amazon released its App Store, we cited the ability to try apps out in your browser before downloading as one of its top features. Later, you could also do that on phones and tablets. Well, things have changed. First, after an announcement made today, you will no longer be able to do this with apps from Amazon's store. Second, you probably won't miss it too much.


An early version of Test Drive.

At least, that's why Amazon says they are nixing it. Citing a precipitous drop in usage, they just didn't see the need to support a feature that was probably a pain to implement.

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PSA: Motorola Is Changing The Update "Soak Test" Program To A "Test Drive" Program You'll Need To Sign Up For

As part of a statement on the general state of software updates at Motorola, VP of Product Management Punit Soni has revealed that a new early update testing program will be unveiled, known as Test Drive.

We know it’s important for many of you to get the latest Android software upgrades onto your phones as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we’re also introducing Test Drive, a new program that will allow consumers to take our major software upgrades for a trial run and provide valuable feedback before we launch the upgrade publicly.  Starting with Android 4.2, the next iteration of Jelly Bean, we will release a preview of our software to a few hundred consumers that sign up for Test Drive. 

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Amazon App Store Updated To 2.6.53, Bringing Test Drive Capability To Android Devices

One of the great things about Amazon's App Store is that its online interface allows users to "test drive" apps before deciding to download them. This functionality definitely comes in handy, especially when mulling over the decision whether to buy a paid app.

In an update to the App Store app today, Amazon – besides fixing a download bug and improving stability – introduced its Test Drive feature, meaning users can preview apps right from the palm of their hand before downloading.

SC20120521-155116 image image

If you've already grabbed the update but don't see the Test Drive button, don't fear – it seems that the functionality is being introduced in stages.

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Give The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 A Test Drive With Sammy's Online Simulator

While on the hunt for a tablet, it's natural to want to try before you buy, but that's not always possible. Fortunately, if you're thinking about picking up the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, then Sammy has your back. You can now give the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a go before you drop a pretty good sized chunk of change on it, thanks to the new Tab Online Simulator.

2011-06-28 12h07_39

The simulator allows you to take a look at everything from the initial sign in process to web browsing and using the cameras. It's not a free-for-all, though - it breaks everything down into categories and guides you through the device features with interactive tutorials.

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[Updated] The Amazon Android Appstore Now Live - Angry Birds Rio Is The First Free App Of The Day [Download]

Moments ago, after months of preparations and precisely on the rumored release date of March 22nd, the Amazon Android Appstore finally went live.

Update: The Amazon App Store is now back up, but it looks like it's US-only. Also, the Test Drive is not available anymore, at least for now.
If the appstore is still down for you, try downloading the app using this direct link to the appstore APK (I got it via an SMS from Amazon): You should be able to log into your account, browse, and download apps this way.

You can filter apps by featured categories, such as Instant Trials, Bestsellers, Top Rated, New Releases, Free, and Deals, as well as conventional categories, such as Games, Music, News & Weather, etc.

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