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[Update: It's back] Tesla app mysteriously vanishes from the Play Store

It's common for automakers to offer apps that pair with your car, but few of them are as integral to the driving experience as Tesla's app. That's usually a good thing, but it's a bit of a nuisance right now. Tesla's car app has vanished from the Play Store without warning. You can still get it if you know where to look, though.

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Tesla's in-car web browser is switching to Chromium

One of the defining features of recent Tesla vehicles is the massive center touchscreen. It acts as the main control center for the car, with media controls, live camera feeds, maps, settings, and more. It also has a web browser, for some reason, which will soon be replaced with a version using Chromium — the open-source version of Google Chrome.

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Tesla Android app updated with new navigation and media features


Tesla just updated its app to add support for the Model 3

Tesla is still ramping up production for its affordable new Model 3, and the waiting list is already over a year long. But for the lucky few that manage to snag one, the Tesla Motors app for Android was just updated to add support for the new car. 

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The Tesla app hits v3, brings an overhauled design, fingerprint authentication, and easy access to frequently-used controls

Tesla has the perfect companion for your automotive technological marvel, allowing you to communicate with your vehicle at any time or place. If you happen to be one of the lucky owners of a Roadster, Model S, or X, be looking for this update — you're really going to want to. It brings a completely new design as well as fingerprint authentication for using keyless driving.

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[New App] Got A Tesla? Neither Do We, But If You Had One, You Could Control It From Your Watch With Tesla Command

Welcome to the future, ladies and gents. Your jacket isn't dry, your pizza isn't freeze-dried, and your car can't fly, but if it comes from Tesla, it's still pretty cool. If you also happen to have an Android Wear device, you can pretend to be Michael Knight by talking to your car through your watch, thanks to the unofficial Tesla Command app for Wear. Unfortunately it won't talk back, unless you count honking the horn.

We've covered Tesla's nifty app for the Model S before. It does all kinds of stuff that my beaten-up Ford pickup can't, like track the car's location, mileage, and battery level.

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Elon Musk Says A Full Android Emulator And Chrome Browser Could Be Coming To The Tesla Model S

The Tesla line of electric vehicles are marvels of modern transportation technology, but they also come with a healthy does of consumer tech. Tesla's Model S comes with an advanced 17-inch touchscreen dashboard system running on Linux. When CEO Elon Musk was asked recently if app developers would get to play in the Tesla ecosystem, he had a surprising response. Apparently, the future of Tesla could include Android.

Tesla's first order of business is to finish the localization work that will make the software functional around the world, but after that he sees the car's browser being moved to Chrome. Knowing that Android development is booming, the company is considering ways to port Android apps to the car on Linux using the Qt application framework.

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GLASSTESLA Combines Tesla Cars And Google Glass: It's The Closest Thing You Can Get To KITT

If you can afford a Tesla electric car (in addition to the car you drive when you have to go more than three hundred miles), odds are pretty good that you can afford a Google Glass Explorer unit, too. If you happen to have both, in addition to the envy of every working class geek on the Internet, a developer has just enabled you to combine your favorite technological excesses. GLASSTESLA mixes the functions of the official Tesla app with the always-on, ever-ready nature of Glass to make you and your car into an ultra-efficient crime-fighting duo. You don't actually have to fight crime.

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[New App] As If It Wasn't Cool Enough: Tesla Model S Gets Its Own Android App

Our demographics adviser tells us that there might just be five people on earth who are both regular Android Police readers and Model S owners. But if a quick scan of the office is a valid measure of interest, there's at least a few of you who are excited by the prospect of an official Tesla app, even if a longing glance is as close as we'll ever get to driving one. For you lucky devils who have an all-electric sedan sitting in your four-car garage, take a quick stroll over to the Play Store to get your companion app on.

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